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  1. Suggestion: Add Rename to context menu after right clicking on the Artboard Name, - alternatively, allow double clicking and renaming without context menu. Benefit: I actualy would like to switch off the layers pannel, and one of just a few usages for it is renaming of the Artboards.
  2. Thanks MEB, looking forward to new tools, and further improved existing ones. You guys have a great piece of software already.. Cheers.
  3. This functionality is usually called Array (In CAD software) and is very useful. Both rectangular and polar arrays. Would give my left ear to be able to do this in any drawing software.
  4. For the consideration of the development team: Well , currently there are two options for selecting the objects on canvas with the marquee: - select all included within the box drawn - select all the marquee is crossing over now, a program called Rhino3D has an ingenious 3rd option where you can select all included when drawing marquee from left to right, and select all crossed over when starting the selection box from right to left. Getting used to this takes minutes, and you never look back. An enormous, improvement in efficacy. It really helps navigating through dense documents. On the other hand, implementing this feature should not be too difficult. video explanation
  5. Has anyone tried some of those batch converters to PDF? AD seems to import PDFs quite nicely, so it might be an workaround option. I just installed and tried one of those converters and got crap.. however, it does not mean that there is none that works.
  6. I have registered just to be able to support this. Not sure about the isometrics, but tangent snapping and trimming would be a godsend in a design drawing software.
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