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  1. I think Carl123 is right.... Beta 1.7 seems to solve the issue :-) Thanks Carl, Thanks everyone who's checked my post, and thanks Affinity for anticipating my problem and fixing it in the next release :-)
  2. Thanks Both, It would be good if Affinity could tweak things so that APh opens things the same as other software, when a file doesn't have a colour profile. The original image came from a Multi-Pass output from Cinema 4D (with photoshop layers). So it has separate Shadows, Reflections, Diffusion layers that I can adjust Post-Render. I notice on Cinema4D that the Regular (single Layer) Image has the option for an Image Colour Profile (which is set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1) and the Multi-Pass doesn't. Possibly because it contains lots of different layers (including some greyscale layers) that make up the final image ? In Photoshop, the result of the Multi-Pass image looks the same as the Regular File, in APh it doesn't. Most of the images I work on are Multi-Passes, so they kind of need to work in the same way as opening them in Photoshop, Graphic Converter, Preview and probably many other apps. Not least because if a client sends me an image without a profile that looks the same on their computer and most other apps, If I edit and return a darker image after it's been in APh, they'll want to know what the problem is. Thanks Carl123... I'll give Beta 1.7 a try, I hope it's something they are looking into. :-)
  3. Hi Lee, Thanks for your quick reply, Couldn't find a way to send an attachment via PM :-) Here is a small Tiff image I've saved directly from Photoshop. If opened in Photoshop, Cinema 4D's Picture Viewer (just to try different software) or even Mac's standard Preview app, the image is a lot brighter than when opened in Affinity Photo. I'm just wondering if I've got an import setting set incorrectly. Best Regards Gary Sample Tiff Image from Photoshop.tif
  4. Hi Lee, Thanks for your quick reply, I am outputting a small area now from Cinema 4D (as a Tiff), will upload it when it is done. Cheers Gary
  5. I've been using Affinity Photo for a while now and love it, it's almost completely replaced Photoshop as my main photo editing App. The problem I'm having, and determined to get sorted, is after exporting a TIFF or PSD document from Cinema 4D, when I open it in Photoshop, it looks fine. However opening it in Affinity Photo, it appears very dark (see attached screenshots). It also pops up with the message Affinity Assigned your working Profile xxxxx to this unprofiled document. (xxxx denoting different profiles I've set in Affinity's preferences) I've tried changing my working profile to several different settings including RGB/16 -sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and Adobe (1998) , with no noticeable difference. Is there something I need to do in Affinity to make the colours look the same as the original ? I've also tried Assigning different Profiles after the image has loaded, but that doesn't seem to do anything either. If I can get this sorted, then I can switch 100% to Affinity :-)
  6. WOW !!! Awesome ! Thank you !!! First impressions, very slick and very intuitive ! Well done to everyone involved, it was well worth the wait. I can't wait to see this app evolve and take over the No1 spot from InDesign in the same way Adobe did when Quark got too greedy.
  7. I've been checking the Affinity site since publisher was announced, back in 2006 ( slight exaggeration, but it feels like it). And now a video showing it actually exists !!!!, it looks really slick !! I can't wait for the Beta version. Finally, I may be able to buy a new Mac (been holding back because newer MacOS doesn't work well with CS6). I keep getting calls from Adobe asking me to "please come back", after using their software for over 25 years. Not a chance !! I've already switched over to Photo and Designer. If the iPad version of Photo worked on my model of the iPad, I'd buy that too. Keep up the good work !!
  8. Not 'Definately' 2018, but 'Hopefully' 2018…. Definitely Maybe 2019 !!! :wacko: I think Affinity possibly made a big error announcing the product too early. I used to use Quark, until I switched to InDesign at version 1 all the way up to CS6. Quark looks a little dated these days. My CC account (for Flash) with Adobe expired in Novemeber, and they asked me to renew it. I didn't, so they renewed it anyway !!! and carried on charging me £14.95 a month. I asked to cancel it again and they charged me a penalty of £57. "It's in the terms and conditions" they said ! I SO never want to go back to Adobe !!!
  9. It would be good if there was a function that split an image into quarters, then swapped each quarter with their diagonal neighbour. So you end up with the 4 joining corners meeting in the middle of the image. This area can then be worked on. Activating the function again would toggle everything back. A tile preview window would also provide live feedback of how the tiling would look.
  10. It's important that everything is right before it's released, no point releasing a buggy piece of software. As a developer, I understand software will be ready when it's ready. I think the Beta was originally planned for late 2015. When you say months, are we talking far into 2017 as an estimate ? :)
  11. I basically dropped Adobe at CS6. I knew they would do well with their subscription service, as there are always people with more money than sense and I expect that, post-brexit, they will love the way the subscription climbs and climbs as the £ de-values. I used to upgrade two CS seats every 2 or 3 years, but I'd rather change career than resort to subscribing to Adobe's software.
  12. Totally agree, I'm really looking forward to the Beta, or even an Alpha version :-)
  13. Yeah, subscription is a nice idea (for Adobe), but not for me. I wish them luck, but after 25 years of buying and using their products I, for one, am switching to something more reasonably priced. I've weaned myself off Photoshop and I'm in the process of weaning myself of Illustrator. If I can add InDesign to the mix then that would be amazing. I don't think Publisher will be an InDesign killer for a while though. It'll probably take a couple of versions before it has most of the features we're looking for. I get the feeling this product will hit the ground jogging and build up to a run, in subsequent years. But an Adobe free future looks more plausible. :)
  14. To delete a segment, it looks like you need to select the nodes either side of the segment you want to delete, and then break their connection. However for it to work you need to do the process to each node individually, you can't SHIFT select and disconnect two nodes at the same time, it'll just ignore you. Once that's done, click off the shape, then using the object selection tool (move tool) select the segment you've just isolated and it should be separate from the rest of the shape / curve. They are supposed to be improving this process in later versions. So have I, and have already migrated. Apart from the odd quirky process like this, I'm not really missing Illustrator or Photoshop at all. In many ways I think they are both faster and better.
  15. That's good, I can work around it now I know the method. :) I can imagine the team there must be very busy, I don't want to pressure on them. It would be nice in 2.0 perhaps. I think a segment selection tool would be the best option (probably the node tool could do both). Select a segment, then if delete is pressed, a script automatically selects and breaks the adjoining nodes, one at a time and then deletes the segment, but if delete isn't pressed, the nodes stay connected.
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