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  1. Hello, I'm using the app "Timing" for tracking my time automatically on Mac: https://timingapp.com/?lang=de It is possible to choose a folder, and whenever a file in this folder or any subfolder is edited in a program, the app assigns the time spent with editing this file to a specific job. That is very useful. Unfortunately that does not work with Affinity Software. The document path is not recognizable through the Accessibility-API. Would be great if this could be implemented in the future. Thanks in advance!
  2. wolfgangkampfgarten1956

    Change values with "alt" & scroll wheel

    I´m using Affinity Designer on macOS Sierra (10.12.6). On Mac it´s the "alt/option" key as already mentioned. And only the line height and baseline of text are not working in 0.1 and 10 increments, all other values work fine.
  3. Hello, changing the line height and baseline of text with "alt" and scroll wheel in 0.1 steps does not work. Is this a normal behaviour or a bug? Thanks in advance!
  4. wolfgangkampfgarten1956

    Affinity Designer does not save

    I cant save my work that I do in Affinity Designer, getting the error: File::OpenUnmanaged fopen E001 [errno = 2]
  5. wolfgangkampfgarten1956

    3D extrude and 3D paths

    I totally agree! 3D extrude is the only tool that still keeps me using Adobe Illustrator. Would be great if you could integrate it! Thanks in advance!