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  1. Thanks everyone for your advice - I now have some nice double sided cards designed and ready to print on A4. Now I need to find suitable card that'll run through my printer!
  2. Hi Alfred - I've made an A4 artboard for the front and I've laid out a grid of 'cards'. Sorry to be a dunce, but how do I 'add crop marks wherever needed'? Thanks.
  3. Thanks BofG. I will have a play around with that in Designer...
  4. Hi - I'm not a designer and not that familiar with the Affinity suite so please be gentle! I have Photo, Designer and the Publisher Beta and I've pre ordered Publisher. I'm an artist and I want to produce my own business cards, double sided, which I can print out at home. I have designed the card in Publisher (though maybe it should have been in Designer?) and I'd now like to produce a printable A4 sheet with multiple copies of the card (double sided). I've managed to do this, but the problem is that I need crop marks to show me where to cut the cards on my guillotine so that they're all the same size (they don't have any border to follow). Also, how do I make sure that the front and back are aligned properly? Should I be doing this in Designer or Publisher? Or maybe both? I've attached the file of what I've already done in case that helps. I'd really appreciate it if someone could talk me though this in baby steps! Thanks Business Card June 2019.afpub
  5. Rhod

    DAM Feature

    Back in 2016, Affinity were saying this: "A separate DAM product is they way we are going - but there is nothing to see yet. Work has started, but it's going to be 2017 before you hear anything of consequence from us about it." But here we are on the threshold of 2019 and still nothing. It's very disappointing and suggests that there has been a radical shift of thinking. I guess I'm just going to have to continue using Lightroom (sigh).
  6. Hi - I downloaded the beta of Affinity Publisher and I'm using it to create an A6 flyer which I'm duplicating 4 times on A4 paper. This is very low tech, but I need to send the PDF to someone who will use a guillotine to cut the A4 paper into 4 x A6 and I'd like to place 'crop marks' on the paper dividing it into 4 so that they can easily cut it into exact A6 sheets. Is there an easy way to place these marks on the paper because I have searched high and low and can't find it? I've attached the file so you can see what I mean. Thanks. Flyer for Northern Race Day.afpub
  7. For those of us who have been waiting for the DAM which we were told would be released in 2016 could you be a little more specific than just 'later'? I mean, are we talking 2018, 2019, 2020? Just give us some idea. Thanks
  8. Not even a crumb of hope from the dev team? I am bereft... :( :D
  9. Andy said we would have news of the new DAM during 2016 - but we're already into September and absolutely no news whatsoever. I realise that you're very busy, but how about just a little more information on the proposed release date for this software? This would be very much appreciated by lots of your eager fans I think. :) :rolleyes:
  10. Thanks for the great replies. I take a LOT of photos, so I think I would soon get completely overwhelmed using Finder (I'm on a Mac). I'm currently downloading the trial of Photo Supreme and will be giving that a try. The problem with Capture One Media Pro for me (I downloaded a trial of that also) is that it's not been updated for retina displays so it's very unsatisfactory for viewing images. At least that was the case a few months ago and when I emailed their tech support they said there were no immediate plans to support retina displays (I wonder how many millions of retina displays there are now in the world and why Capture One hasn't updated to 'capture' that market!). I'm using Lightroom and that's great, because I use keywords a lot to organise my images, but I'm concerned how much longer Adobe will produce the stand alone version. I really (probably illogically!) resent the idea of a monthly rental of software! I agree that the new Affinity DAM should not be 'integrated' into AP and AD and should be stand alone, but able to work seamlessly with AP and AD. It seems to me to be the one missing element in the whole software suite and I'm surprised that it still remains in the planning stages. I'd love to hear from someone at Affinity what is the current state of play.
  11. Well, I guess the question is in the title... :) I have LR6 but I'm wondering if there are any alternatives. Of course the ideal would be a fully integrated Affinity DAM and I know this is in the pipeline, but there seems to be little movement on that at present (I guess things might well be happening behind the scenes). I suppose what I'm really interested in is knowing how you folks with thousands of photos (like me) integrate AP and AD into your workflow. Thanks
  12. Any news on when this will be released? Based on my experience with AP and AD I'm really looking forward to it. I'm a long time LR user (since version 1) but I'm ready to switch now. I've actually started using Mac Photo as a DAM and editing in AP but I have a feeling this new Affinity DAM is going to be quite something. Some clue as to release date would be very welcome. :)
  13. Whatever the details, I would encourage Affinity to make this available asap. :)
  14. As a photographer I seldom need more than LR's editing tools and so this idea appeals to me also. One way forward would be to have a 'Persona' which is the default when the DAM opens AP which gives only those tools needed for photo editing. The full suite of tools would still be available but could be hidden from immediate view. Having said that, there are elements in the Develop module of LR that I rarely use and I just collapse the menu items so that they're not visible. The one thing I'm certain of is that I'm looking forward to kicking Adobe into touch! :) (But this is about their subscription business model rather than their software).

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