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  1. Hi, I only have one account on iCloud, so yup, I'm logged into same account. And when I Import From iCloud - the Affinity Photo folder still isn't there. I named a normal folder 'Photo' and can save to that and then see the same folder on my iMac...could always just do that. Any idea why I'm seeing every folder I have on iCloud when I'm saving though?? Cheers!
  2. Sorry, tried to upload but it didn't work...whats the best way? cheers
  3. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. I have quite a few files within Affinity Photo folder on iCloud. If I can, I'll attach 2 screen grabs for you (the other being my iCloud folder taken on my mac pro). Cheers
  4. Hi, I wrote on the forum earlier today about the same issue. Will let you know if I hear anything back.
  5. Hi there, Congrats on the new app! I've been waiting on this and it's exactly what it should be...and what's been needed on iPad for some time now. Regarding saving files from the iPad though, I can't see a Photo folder on my iCloud, but I know it's there as I can see it if I look at iCloud from my iMac. The Designer folder is there, but no Photo. Any suggestions to be able to see it on my list? Also, when I'm saving files from iPad, I'm taken to a page of files from my iCloud account that has EVERY file listed that is possible. That's every sub file inside of sub file...that means I have to start scrolling through HUNDREDS of files to find the place I want to save to. I'm most likely missing something, but is there a way to see just the top level folders? Thanks in advance, Cheers, Garry
  6. Wonderful upgrades, thank you!! ...any idea when the iPad versions might be ready? Even a rough estimate? Cannot wait for the day I can wave goodbye to adobe and have your cross platform professional apps to use instead. It's been a long time coming, but I'm looking forward to the future!! Great work, Garry
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