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  1. 16 minutes ago, ubiquity said:

    Did you close, then reopen Affinity Photo for the second image? I realise one should not have to do so but it might be useful to know if it persists.

    thanks, that did the trick. Very odd. 

    1 minute ago, Callum said:

    Hi Theste,

    I'm not sure if I understand this issue completely if possible could you provide a screen recording of the problem?



    I will do a screencast for you. 

  2. If the shapes are on a partial pixel boundary then this effect is what you will get in any vector application. When an edge is on a partial pixel then the edge will be antialiased and when you overlap two antialiased pixels they get combined to produce a new colour.


    This in mainly unavoidable but in Affinity you could clip the top object by the bottom object with 'Perfect Clipping' switched on and the edges be calculated correctly. Affinity is the only application that I know of that supports perfect clipping.


    Hi,  Where can I find "Perfect Clipping" ??? :) and thanks for the help

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