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  1. It has been 4 years, guys
  2. Same problems as described here before. Retina macbook pro with Core i7 and dedicated GPU cant handle a circle to move on a canvas without 2fps jitter. UPD: Ruler solution helps
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. But it seems that now it became a more complicated workaround, because nobody can't work with that background. So you need to go there every time you need to change something or just have an export. It worked in previous version by default. Why make it like that? May I suggest you to just add an option to export format dialogue to include that background. It works great in Sketch. Thanks
  4. Hi, I don't get it. With new update it seems that I can't export icons to png with transparent background using a slice through export mode. And there is no setting for that. In previous version I was able to do that without any complains and settings, now I just can't. Is this a sort of a bug? Thanks
  5. Chris, it seems that in beta it is working fine. Thanks, looking forward for the release
  6. Hi Aurelio, thanks for your advice! I forgot about export to psd. Sometimes it is an option for sure. But my process needs a realtime changes, I make an icon, paste it to AI, make an expand, paste to PS, if there is something wrong with overall look, I go back to AD to make proper changes with curves and than repeat all again. So thats why it was so uncomfortable for me because sometimes I need to make it with colour.
  7. Hi Chris, I am constantly not receiving any notification emails about replies, so I'm sorry for a very late reply. It is in RGB and there is a range of colours that are not allowing to copy-paste. I have attached a link file you may check out. http://d.pr/f/Y4K0
  8. Hi, I have discovered a strange bug. I am using Illustrator as a bridge to Photoshop – drawing an icons in Designer, copy them to Illustrator, and then paste as shapes to Photoshop. BUT, I cant paste shapes from AD to Illustrator if these shapes are red. Also, it seems to be green also. Thats a funny bug, but it is not really comfortable in a workflow. Thanks
  9. Hi, I have updated to new version today but I still have the same problem with "expand stroke" Any advice?
  10. Strange, but I didnt receive any notifications about your reply. Your advise explained in that video works for me, thanks MEB!
  11. Hi Matt, Sorry if my words seemed to be incorrect or some sort of inappropriate to you, I'm just little upset with that. I mean that this all happened after last update from 1.2 to 1.21 (now, after your words I'm not so sure haha). I will try to wipe all data and the app and will try to reinstall it. And if it helps, I will back here again. Thanks you too, Egor
  12. Hi guys, I have a 1 thing that is really bothering me since beta. In affinity I still cant make 1px stroke icons because of the "always center" curve align that cant be changed. Its ok with shapes, but because of the strange logic it cant be done with unclosed curves like in illustrator. Here is the example: Left I made a small rectangle with 1 px stroke. Pixel align is on and it have inside aligned stroke. Right I have converted it to curves and broke one corner point. Voila, and there is nothing to do with that, except turning of pixel align and trying to place it manually (!) in sub pixel space and repeat it 10 times because after export you will still get blurred edges. Thanks
  13. Hi Matt, thanks for the answer. Unfortunately no. There is still distorted, unparalleled lines. But I have another bug discovered. After I click scale with object and after scaling width to 100px, my stroke, as usual, scaled from 2px to 4.55 px. But after expanding stroke it jumps back to 2px. There is plenty of new broken things from the last update.
  14. Hi again, is there is any news on fix? As I mentioned my work has stopped and there is no workarounds how to fix it.
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