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  1. Happy to read it. Thanks for you time and help! Ed
  2. It works, thanks! At this point, it must be about the file system of the remote disk I am using (NTFS) with my team. This would explain why I wasn't able to upload the file I sent you from my Mac and had to use a PC. I made some experiments and I found out this only happens when I use artboards (in Affinity Photo too). Is it something you could solve?
  3. Hello everyone :) I worked the whole day of yesterday on a project with Affinity Designer and everything worked properly. This morning I tried to open the file to export some PNGs to send to the client for a feedback but AD just crashes. Nothing more than that, AD just starts up and shuts sown as soon as it starts processing the file. Is there anything I can try to save the 20+ hours I spent on creating what's now locked inside the file. Any help will be much appreciated Ed PS This is my first post on a forum ever, I hope I did things the right way.
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