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  1. Hello, Sometimes when I am trying to open afdesign files through the app the files are disabled or greyed out. I can search through finder and drag and drop the file into the app or I can search through finder and select open in Affinity Designer and it opens fine. However, some files when I try to open them from the app menu they are displayed as disabled and I cannot open them. Thanks, Jeremy
  2. It started happening to me on the latest update for Mac as well. MacOS Sierra 10.12.3. I cannot confirm what causes it to crash like that, but I typically have maybe four or five open files with multiple edits and not being saved very often. My best guess would be that when there is a high strain on hardware resources. It could be related to the memory where it stores the edits for "undo" and "redo". Since as I said before I should save more often. Also my Affinity can be open for many days without closing. It doesn't freeze for me when it blacks out so I just save the files and restart the Affinity designer and maybe close a few other applications to free up more hardware resources. I hope this helps.
  3. I am having a problem using the subtraction on two curve objects. All of the geometry features are greyed out. I was able to previously subtract text from a curve object after converting text to curves but now I cannot even do that. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? I have attached a sample file trying to subtract the arrow from the box. Okay, solved my own problem. Must first click the layer then shift click the layer I want to subtract from. Sorry for the false alarm! test1.afdesign
  4. Okay, I tried the Beta. I exported again as SVG and reopened and it shows the complete file now. However there is still one slight bug "feature." :) When opening the SVG file the document setup dimensions are different from the original document dimensions.
  5. Here is the file. The complete step by step process in which the case occurs is that the original file was an adobe illustrator file, edited and saved in Affinity, the .afdesign was then edited again and exported as .svg, then reopened the .svg file in Affinity and it removes the design to the left of the text. In the file preview in Finder on Mac the image shows the design but when opened it does not show. Thanks, Jeremy file.svg
  6. Hello, I have exported one of my drawings as an SVG and reopened in Affinity and some of the content does not show. The layers show that they are there but the content is missing. I would like to know if this is only a bug when reopening in Afdesign or does it effect other vector editing programs as well. --Jeremy
  7. Hello, I have created an image with transparency and would like to export as png while maintaining the set transparency. Now when I export it removes all transparency. Is this possible? Is it a bug that the transparency is removed? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Jeremy
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