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  1. I agree, 7 Years back, when I was a partner in a VFX and Training company in India. We wanted to Use Linux as Base. But, as Photoshop wont work on Linux. We forced ourselfs to work on windows with all viruses infecting our systems. A simple Kickstarter campaign will help in nullifying guess work here. As a Linux Based graphics designer, I would love and welcome any good Photoshop alternative for Linux, as Adobe is not willing to.
  2. Seriously we Need a Affinity like softwares for Linux. So Developers want 500000. I believe, If every Linux User Donates $1, the donation will exceede your target. You just need to set a page for collecting donations and put the word out. Every Linux (Graphics)user will support Affinity. Please give it just 1 try at-least and put the word out. All our Linux community will support. We love and support Good, Quality softwares. Ubuntu/Mint/SUSE/Fedora are few good flavours for Linux platform. Hope to see a donation page soon.
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