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  1. Hi Alex, thank you for your fast and thorough reply. I can see that affinity has a very active user base and is moving forward quickly to improve their software. While it doesn't seem 100% ready for primetime, I will definitely follow it's development. This is very useful and it can replace the workflow I attempted. However, I still think it is strange that there are no options to have the slices snap to anything when they are manipulated using the mouse. This strange. I now have these options in the export dialog and in the export options panel in the export persona. Ho
  2. Hi, I downloaded the Affinity Designer Trial yesterday. As a first test, I wanted to save a new version of a logo for a website. I opened the existing .ai file. Designer put it into a A4 Document. There seems to be no way to simply crop the document. You have to select all your objects and transfer the dimensions manually to the document settings. Then you have to move all the objects around. In Illustrator, this can be done with the artboard tool in two clicks. In the export persona of Designer, I noticed that it is impossible to snap slices to objects. When exporting to png8
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