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  1. hi after loading a series of pictures either with "cmd O" or "media browser" they are displayed only as filenames. now i could barely live with this. but the files are in complete disorder. the pics in the source are organized after date and file name. why are they in aphoto not sorted? how can i sort them? thanks a lot.
  2. is there any hope that a photo library is integrated in the prg? when? i want urgently move my lib from aperture to somewhere else. any proposal welcome.
  3. i have all my pics organized in aperture. but this ship is going down. photos can do this only very limited. so i am wondering what you folks are using to organize your pics?
  4. i am working (still) with aperture. all my pics are stored in the aperture lib. to work on a pic in aphoto i klick "editing in aphoto". after editing save, cmd W. going back to aperture, the edited pic is not there. instead it is in my binder "pictures" with the ending .aphoto. i can not reimport it into aperture. why? whats wrong? thanks for your help. regards asch
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