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  1. 1.6 Photo Update Bug? Updated to Affinity Photo 1.6 The program does not open, just hangs. Imac, el capitain 10.11.6
  2. maybe i am being too picky but at you mentioned even at 100% the image is jaggy i am not familiar on how to upload an image or would include it, anyway thanks for taking the time to respond. i will do more experimentation and see if I can obtain a cleaner image
  3. First-thanks for everyone who responds -so here the image quality issue,- using a different image but same resultst the photo is a RGB 2336 X 3505 pixels at 72 DPI I go to resize document and change the size to 144 x 216 pixels-at the same DPI (72) and the image comes out pixelated using lanzocs 3 (both options) - now how should making the image smaller have such a reduction in quality-and this is before exporting as a jpeg. the purpose of the small images (170 x170 px) for thumbnails on a website
  4. I too am having issues-taking a high res digital image , 360dpi 8x10 inch , want to make a web ready 72 dpi 6x8 inch image, no matter what what re-sample choice it makes the image blurry....there should not be such a horrible quality , as a long time photoshop user and teacher (24 years) I have never had an issue making web images from higher res images. If this program cannot export a simple image and maintain image integrity then I do not see much hope for this program in the future. yes I understand that there will be some loss of the image resolution but it seems way to much in affinity. If I put photoshop and affinity resize image side by side there is a visible difference in quality.

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