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  1. Thanks for the help. that did the trick. I love this program and just wish I knew more about it. Thanks for the tutorials. John
  2. Yes the moon layer is a pixel layer.
  3. The file is 28 Mbytes. Too large to upload. suggestions? I think I can share it with icloud, but I need an address or something.
  4. I remember now that I started with a jpg file instead of RAW. But, that shouldn't matter. The file is too big and won't upload.
  5. Hi MEB, I don't see a style at the top.
  6. I have attached a photo I am working on. The moon layer leaves a black line around its layer. Why and how can I remove it? thanks, Big John Wingman
  7. BigJohnWingman

    Affinity TV - Beta Testers Required!

    You can watch the videos now using Safari on the iPad.
  8. BigJohnWingman

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi all, My name is John Daoust. Back in my college days (1971-1973), I had a 35mm camera and took a lot of photos. Life got in the way of that hobby until I retired in 2013. I purchased a Nikon D5200 and started taking photos again. I had bought a copy of Photoshop Elements 2008 and was not that impressed with it. I purchased AP a few months ago and am in the learning stages with some recent, not-to-bad results. I love the power and flexibility of AP and hope to create some really nice photos. Thanks for making an excellent program so affordable. John
  9. BigJohnWingman

    Text Tool Tutorial

    There is a Text tutorial included on this webpage. I hope this helps some. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/photo/
  10. Use any you listed but jpg. I export the original RAW file from Aperture to a directory. Then I open that file in Affinity Photo. That way I am working with the camera's RAW file. When finished, I import a jpg of the finished photo back into Aperture. That way I have more control over where the file is stored. My library is split between the Mac drive and an external drive. Why jpg? I won't be doing anything but viewing it. All editing will be done with Affinity Photo.

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