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  1. Graphic for Mac does that.
  2. vonBusing

    Round Corner on a graphic

    Alternatively, you can use the picture frame object that is specific in Publisher for that kind of purpose. image_with_rounded_corners_2.mp4
  3. vonBusing

    Round Corner on a graphic

    Really, this is not so difficult. It works with the same logic as Designer and Photo and is quite intuitive. You may have developed an alternative intuition with InDesign, though. image_with_rounded_corners.mp4
  4. vonBusing

    Round Corner on a graphic

    Hi @BLKay. One way to do this is to place the image inside a rectangle object with rounded corners.
  5. I believe this is a UI requirement for better cat compatibility in the forum. (I may use it as well )
  6. vonBusing

    White field

    @larsh: are you sure these white fields only appears while working in APub? I think I have seen similar things happening in Finder while drag and dropping tabs between windows. I think that happened while working with a connected non-retina external display to my retina MBP. I had to restart Finder to get rid of them. That happened already before APub was in beta. Somehow, I think this is more graphic card related. I would try to switch between openGL and Metal. Whatever settings you have in APub, try the other.
  7. Saw the same behaviour. Switched over to Metal, as @>|< indicated, and it was gone. By the way, what is the general recommendation regarding OpenGL vs Metal? Just the fact that this is a setting, suggests that one may be better over the other, but not always. How do I know which is better in my configuration?
  8. Not silly at all if you ask me. Affinity beta versions have 4 levels, i.e. current APub is It is displayed as such in the About window. that's great. But it's displayed with 3 levels only in the Finder info window and the auto-update dialogue, i.e. 1.7.0. At least in the later place, it's slightly frustrating, because the potential changes are in the level not displayed. I do not know how challenging it would be to align that, but that would be great (I know, I've already said that... ).
  9. vonBusing

    Table cell height adjustment

    Have you tried the latest beta ( According to the post, there is a fix for table cell size spinners. On my machine, they are behaving as expected with that version.
  10. vonBusing

    Table Cells Heights adjustment

    AFAIK, you cannot work with tables in Affinity Designer.
  11. vonBusing

    Assets Panel completely broken

    That's why it would be helpful if the auto-update showed the the full beta version number, not only a truncated one.
  12. vonBusing

    PDF problems - WHY RASTERISE VECTOR?????

    @hubob: You might try to export as svg before you import into Word. Office has support for svg nowadays that may work better than pdf.
  13. Yes, if you just click to place, the ratio is correct but the initial size is the same as if you drag and drop from the asset panel. I also noticed: it's like it picks the size ratio from some other asset from the subcategory. I have two sizes of assets in that subcategory. When I click and drag, It's always the same of the 2 size ratios that is used.
  14. You should now be able to get the files.
  15. I have prepared the files, but I could not find the link in your message...