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  1. Hi, this will be my last post for a while, i'm back doing my regular thing with traditional media...however, i've enjoyed using affinity designer / photo, they're great programmes and i'm glad to have them in my toolbox...and at such a reasonable price (compared against you know who!) ^_^
  2. marty

    De Lorean

    Thanks for the comments guys...DeLoren was originally made in my old home town of Belfast, glad to see they're still being made
  3. good work Bodo B
  4. Yet another classic car... DeLorean. Automobile originally made in my old home town of Belfast.
  5. Just love these Tail Fin saloons from the 50's...they don't make cars like they used to ...(as the line from the song goes!)
  6. Hi, I usually create graphics at 25% full size at 300dpi and send file as an EPS or PDF either to my own printer or to an agency if the graphic is bigger than i can print.
  7. Super work Bodo...like it
  8. Use selection brush in "add" mode to select sky, moon and boy, change to "subtract" mode to de-select boy, hit cmd + j to copy selection to a new layer, change the blend mode to multiply or colour burn (about 75%) , flatten image and you're done ( i did a version, but for some reason i can't upload the
  9. Nice piece...great amount of detail...well done.
  10. Thanks, yes, i like the subject matter also
  11. Thanks for the comment, took a while alright, enjoyed making it though
  12. Hi Crabtrem, Here's a re-sized AD version of a portion of the finished piece, it'll give you some indication of how i created the work, (the complete file would be too large to post ) as i said previously...not necessarily the optimum way!! steam train tutorial files.afdesign
  13. Thanks for comments folks, yes, a lot of work, but enjoyable nonetheless, haven't made any tutorials as i'm still getting to grips with the software and i wouldn't necessarily be producing finished pieces in the most efficient way...perhaps some time in the future!
  14. Latest offering created in Affinity Designer and finished off in Affinity Photo...i'm really liking this software!
  15. nice illustration Bodo B, very well done
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