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    Hide Selection (marching ants)

    I strongly agree, we need a way to hide selection. It is very important when you are blending layers together, with the selection, sometimes you still end up with a narrow edge between the composite layers. The best way to get rid of it is to re-select, shrink/expand and feather and then work on the mask. However, since you are masking a very narrow band it is good to be able to see how much you are deleting and if too much feathering has been applied, so you need to see behind marching ants.
  2. I think it would be nice to have integration with Apple Photos. I believe that Apple offers an option for plugins , so perhaps by clicking a plugin icon we can open the image in Affinity. So, it would be nice to use Apple Photos for importing and navigation and do editing in Affinity. Right now I have to export the files ( not a big deal ) and then work on them. Initially, I disliked Apple Photos because it seemed to me rudimentary , however recently I have been testing it against other Raw editors including Lightroom ( horrible rendition of color at least for NEF ) and Capture One ( surprisingly Apple Photos handles color almost as good as Capture One, capture One has excellent Shadow and Highlight recover and Clarity filters , other than that I am happy with Apple Photos )