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    sambader reacted to MEB in Select same colour / color   
    Hi sambader,
    Designer/Photo only have a couple years and is being coded from scratch. It's simply impossible to have all features implemented at this point (even some basic ones).
    The dev team is doing their best to cover the gaps but as stated above it's relatively small and need time to develop them. Bear with us while we get there.
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    sambader got a reaction from marty in 1930's Plymouth   
    I was expecting a cityscape of Plymouth. This is much nicer :)
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    sambader reacted to rhumbrecht in [ADe] Is there any line smoothing? (implemented)   
    I'm definitely missing my smooth tool from Illustrator right now.
    I love the amount of control I have over the individual anchor points in Designer, but sometimes its very hard to get them exactly where they need be for a smooth shape!
    Some sort of smoothing feature would be a great addition!
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    sambader reacted to David in Book illustration   
    Thought I would share a lovely little project I have been working on this last couple of weeks.
    Two 30page page educational books for UK charity Epilepsy Action. The story has been adapted for both a Dad and mum version.
    To be published in hard form in 2016 also to be released as a digital download sometime before Christmas.
    Artwork had to adhere to many readability standards and fonts had to follow NHS guidelines for accessibility.
    All illustration was undertaken in Affinity Designer (of course) and page layout in InDesign (let change that soon hey, Serif Devs).


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