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  1. It was my fault. I created some icons and after that i changed the line position :D Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi Folks, since I'm using Affinity designer to redesign our hole App-Icon Set I'm running i one problem. the basic file of the icon set is set with 96x96 pixels. If i create a shape in it, which leaves some parts of the file completly transparent over the full width or height of the file, these parts are cropped away. For example i've attached two icons, which are created in the same AD-Project-File with 96x96 pixels. The export results are different resoluted... Attachments Can anybody help me solving these issue? Thanks, Daniel
  3. Thanks for your patience. Tried the export with the uploaded file again. Seems like the export, the uploaded file creates is correct.. I'll create all exports again and will keep in touch to you! :-)
  4. Hi MEB, thanks for your reply. Maybe my question is a bit wired. I'm placing everything in these 96x96 pixels. The afdesign file is attached. If you export the door icon and the line icon (without background) you will see, that the exported files aren't the same size... So the Baseline is misplaced in some icons. :( icons_forum.afdesign