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  1. ...and this is where I am with this project... Best viewed when smaller... :-)
  2. Thanks Pete, The structure (outside only) is actually lifted from the Time Machine (1960s version) of the Eloi building. It was hell doing this with chalk pastel. I drew it in pencil, then inked, and scanned. Afterwards I printed it on pastel paper and then added the color and then, scanned again. The next 2 pages are going to blow your mind! They are painted in "b&w" - by using grey, white & black. Thanks for the kind comment, P!erre!
  3. Ah - it could've been - nice lady... She's actually Michelle Forbes - specifically the look from the movie Kalifornia!
  4. Hello everyone, Thank you for being such a kind "public" to me and...my mental illness :-) After having drawn 50 of those little cynical cartoons I am retiring from them... ...for a while... ...but you never know when I'll be back - just like the guy with the hatchet and hockey mask... :-) Some time ago, I started a graphic novel with chalk pastels. I'm the guy BUT, can you guess who the lady is? She's my all-time fave actress! Have a nice day, P!erre!
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