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  1. Opps I did not realize, I needed a new Document in the workspace LOL, sorry. I found Out when I went to try Windows 10. But I would like to able increase the size of the Icons in the toolbar, I have bad depth perception due to and eye condition..
  2. When trying to go back and forth in the Preferences in User Interface It seems that it gets stuck in "Monochromatic Iconography" even after Restart (both kinds), Versions 1.5.3 and 1.5.4. I notice this before but after an update it reverted to color, I did not test until today I was hoping there was a way to make the Icons bigger since my vision has problem with tiny Icons "Please Include sizes of Icons in Tool Bar" Cheers, Barry
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    Happy Holidays to All.. I have a question/comment; Have you heard or use KeyCue? I use "KeyCue" for my 'Keyboard Shortcuts' cheatsheet on the fly, it is a nifty application, that is when you hold down a hot key (Command in my case) it shows you the cheatsheet for the application you are running at the time as well as the Mac OS. KeyCue has an Open Interface, that can connect the applications code of let us say Affinity Designer’s to their application shown in this document interface specification (PDF). This is for an extended set of Keystrokes. I must admit it can be done by importing the keystrokes file list in KeyCue, but it would much better if Serif could check it out and see if it can be included in a future releases. I love KeyCue it is real cool scriptable Themes too, check out their demo.. They are supporting it both ways, so it great if there is something you what to make for other non-supported apps, the community has built Adobe and Maya cheatsheets available on their website already to load in. Barry @BJC7
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