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  1. Hello designers! I love to work with Affinity Designer and I decided to let all my vectors for free, under CC0 licence. That means you can use them everywhere you want, even without attribution. Feel free to download them on http://humblevectors.com. Happy creating with this awesome tool!
  2. If you have already seen Tracy, this is another robot - Tester
  3. I am working on a visualisation of Tracy - Debugger for Nette Framework. My first complete work in AD.
  4. Sorry, but in the video they are not clipping on more than one vector. I know I can put vectors as sublayers. But you can't clip another layer on all these sublayers, it just add the vector among them.
  5. Hi! I need to clip a rectangle not just on a simple vector layer, but on a whole group of vectors. This is usable to create shadows like on the picture. The dark rectangle should be visible only on the legs, not anywhere else. Is it possible? Thanks!
  6. It would be very nice to have pixelate (mosaic) type of blur effect. Thanks!
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