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  1. Ok folks I suspect that a thousand and one people have asked this question I have two people on different pictures that I would like to merge to make it look like one now the picture consists of my Grandad who is not with us no more and a picture of myself so i can keep re-taking it until i get the balance right now i'm new to all this so please feel free to treat me like a muppet if I'm asking silly questions now the back ground is netural so that won't come into it so this will consist of resizing and moving me into position all help will be appreciated on this so many thanks in advance. Happy New Year to you all! Neil
  2. ok got this Vimeo banner across the screen how do you get rid of this bloody annoying banner can't see and options across the top?
  3. Being new and a bit dumb to all this i seem to be having a problem getting Affinity to point to my iphoto library to save me having to export them to the desktop and open them from there Many thanks in advance Neil
  4. Can anyone tell me how to get affinity to look at my iPhoto instead of the normal files so i don't have to export ?

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