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  1. I exported an image as a jpeg on "High quality" (85%) and it looked awful, was only 83k. I exported the same image as a jpeg on "best quality" (100%) and it produced a 4.7MB file! Seems like 85% is nowhere near 85% quality, and the size is nowhere near 85% of the max size. Is this a bug? Any plans to let us preview the exports so we can quickly see if the quality is suffering? - Jack
  2. Chris, How would I do that, I tried selecting the layer, then using the crop tool, but it goes back to selecting the whole canvas. Or are you saying to just select the part of the image I want removed, and hit delete, vs using a crop function on it? As a side note, I was able to do this easily in affinity designer - each photo was easily and independently cropped there. I did try a few other photo tools just now and I see what you mean about the behavior - it does at least seem consistent.
  3. Hi, Occasionally I try to import an EPS image, I get the images from stock photo sites, I assume they were done in illustrator. What I am noticing is that they don't behave or render the same in Affinity Designer as they do in Adobe Illustrator: Here's an image I brought into AD, and tried to remove the 'person' on the left: http://www.screencast.com/t/F3llX3VWFvG: Note the problems: Removing the user leaves white space instead of the background, and there are lots of tiny white borders where there should be none. By Comparison, here's what it looks like in Adobe Illustrator CS5: http://www.screencast.com/t/5XLgCb5ItLls: Note that in both cases I deleted two things: the head and body. In illustrator the delete went down to the lets (what you see left is a 'reflection') in AD it stopped at the gradient border (the sunburst on the blue persons head) Is this a known issue? I imagine EPS stuff is pretty hard to reverse engineer- any likely hood of a fix? - Jack
  4. If this hasn't already been reported (or if I'm doing it wrong..) In Affinity photo, crop seems to be global for the canvas, not per object/layer. For example, I start a new 1280x720 blank image. I use the place command to place a photo on the left I use the place command to place a photo on the right I need to crop the photo on the left, there seems to be no way to do that in affinity photo.
  5. I think something is broken. If I create a new document with a transparent background I see the checkerboard. All is good in the world. If I create a new document 'without' a transparent background, the workspace has a white background, but that's not included in any export. It's as if both documents actually have a transparent background internally, but one displays a white background during editing and one displays checkerboard. This is quite confusing during export, as the non-transparent background is not being included in the exported image!
  6. Is there a tool for creating images with transparent regions? I have a stock photo of a cat on a white background, I'm trying to make the background transparent so I can export to a PNG and import into powerpoint, where the cat will be placed over different color backgrounds. Also, is there a way to get Affinity Photo to display the background in a grey and white checkerboard pattern so we know that a region is actually transparent?' Lastly, I know this is the questions forum, but the export options in photo are surprisingly complicated, partially because of the transparency issue, but also, there is no usable preview of what you're going to get when you export something. We really need WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouExport WYSIWYE! For an example of this: start a new AF document - any size Grab the paintbrush tool and draw a single line switch to the export persona What you see on screen is a black line on a white background Click to export at 1x What you get is a black line on a transparent background (I know this can be fixed by setting the 'matte' but the trouble is, then, I'm not working with that matte color as I do my work)
  7. Thats actually Exactly the control I was looking for! note to the AD design team: If you were to put an extra blue circle in the middle of the line - then people would naturally click it to see what it does. I did this for the Size circle that hovers below and to the right, and I also did this for the white rotation circle up top. Other things I tried: Hovering over the top left and top right corner and seeing if any key modifiers worked there to shear Hovering over the rotate circle to see if a key modifier would shear From a UI perspective, I like what you did with it and where it is now, I would just add the tiniest parallelogram symbol to draw attention to the functionality. Thanks for the quick reply on the forum! AD is awesome!
  8. I could use this too - the Document setup dialog isn't visual, so we'd have to make small adjustments and do trial and error. Cropping an object isn't what we're after. For me, I wanted to output a PNG with no extra white space- I suppose I could do this by grouping everything on the canvas, then selecting it the Export->Layers area and making a slice from that group Yep that worked - but it would be great if the crop tool could also be used on the entire canvas as a way of changing the settings in the Document Setup Dialog. Thanks!
  9. Found it - select object, bottom right of tool bar under transform, Adjust S:
  10. Hi, I have a font I want to italicize that I only have the plain and bold variants of. I started looking for a font online then though I might be able to just distort the existing textbox. I cant figure out how to do that- Is there a way? I'm in the draw persona and have a single word in the "Frame Text Tool"
  11. Holy Cow! Awesome work! I love the credits at the end talking about the fonts used, comic life etc.. (Because as I was looking at it, I was asking myself "What did he use to do this?")
  12. I noticed just now that Affinity Designer is not available in the US app Store? Who do we notify?
  13. Thanks team - I found it - I did check the FAQ first so adding it there would likely help someone down the line.
  14. Is there a mode/tool/etc that allows me to select objects on the screen, regardless of the current active layer?
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