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    will1960 got a reaction from GRScott in Viking   

    I make a very small income on my drawings to buy toys...
    Image is not to be used for commercial use, Image is to be seen on affinity.serif.com only
    Thank for understanding. 
      ©2014 William Mabey.
    Images may not be copied, printed or otherwise disseminated without express written permission of William Mabey.
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    will1960 got a reaction from Raskolnikov in Pencels   
    I really Love Affinity.... 

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    will1960 reacted to Lescot in Weapon of choice.   
    Really love the precision of AD. Had lots of fun with this. The star is a new character for a vinyl sticker. Fascinated by the infinite zoom - everything is so crisp. Used the layer fx alot. Great to have the possibility to give different fx to different elements on ONE layer in such an intuitive way.

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    will1960 got a reaction from Kathrin in Pencels   
    I really Love Affinity.... 

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    will1960 reacted to David in New Logo Please!   
    Well I like the icon :P its works well in flat styling (see Twitter) and fits well with current OSX styling
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    will1960 reacted to Raskolnikov in New Logo Please!   
    I use this :D
    You can always change it :)

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    will1960 reacted to will1960 in [Fixed] Sharing to FaceBook   
    Firstly I like to say this is the best ever. Very easy to use. Keep up the great work and Thank you...

    I have a small problem,
    When I share to Facebook through Affinity the share dialog box will only let me type these letters: cdefijkloqrsuwy and CDEFIJKLOQRSUWY.
    Mac OS X 10.10
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    will1960 reacted to MattP in [Fixed] Sharing to FaceBook   
    Wow, that's really weird! We simply tell the OS sharing service that we can provide an image and from there on it's all system stuff that we don't interact with... Does the same behaviour happen when you choose 'File'->'Share'->'Facebook' in Safari? Do any of the other share options work for you in Affinity Designer?
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    will1960 reacted to MattP in [Fixed] Sharing to FaceBook   
    Oh my word, we just realised what is going wrong! Affinity Designer is swallowing the key strokes for the keys with Tools associated with them - i.e., pressing 'a' actually changes to the node tool! We'll get this sorted - thank you! :)
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    will1960 reacted to Andrew Tang in [Fixed] Sharing to FaceBook   
    Thanks for your help with this bug. We have now resolved the problem and will make the fix available in the next release.
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