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  1. I was testing the new software and I encountered a bug. Mac OS Mojave IMAC 5K. Using a multiple page PDF opened in Affinity Publisher that contains many images and fonts but not a complex file. Zoomed into a page significantly On trying to zoom out using Space-Command-Click the page went grey (same grey as the pasteboard area) and did not display correctly until I clicked on a thumbnail of my page. This happened again and again. I was able to replicate it.
  2. Hi I have noticed a few inconsistencies when exporting files to EPS and PDF. I have had an a issue recently where the colour 'white' on export is changing to C 2% M 0% Y 2% K 0% I have also noticed CMYK values change slightly when the file is opened in Adobe Illustrator. For instance, there was 1% difference in a magenta colour value for a Red colour. My document in Affinity has a CMYK/8 setup, although the paper colour does look off white. Other viewing profiles do change the paper colour too which just seems strange. Because of this issue, I have had to recreate files in Illustrator so colour values don't change with artworked files. Hopefully there's a fix for this. Thanks
  3. I have noticed this issue too, but also, I have changed my document to CMYK/8 and Print, but on export to eps, the file is still an RGB profile (a black 100% in Affinity exports to CMY values). The Affinity file keeps reverting to 'Devices'