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  1. Hello, as a graphic designer and illustrator freelancer I get to serve some Screen print shops, some of them require most of the times for me to deliver the graphic mock up along with the color separation of it. For me to color separate complex pixel based illustration I use in PhotoShop what is called the "INDEX COLOR MODE" out of the Image/mode menu. This allows me to simplify a multiple color image into an 6, 7 or 8 color channel image for the printer to reproduce on a T-shirt. I am not sure if I am not looking on the right place but it seems that Affinity Photo doesn't have that feature. Am I missing something? Or is this something that you guys are planning on adding later on? Any information in this regards will be highly appreciated since I really have a lot of faith on your platform and really wanna to make it part of my day a day esencial tools. Regards. PS Also, is there a way to activate a mask selection or to see a path panel once I create an object on A_Photo with my pen tool and the anchor points? This is for me to micro select or edit/paint a graphic on a particular layer.
  2. Hello just wondering if there's a way to bring in the glyphs panel for the use of a font. Thank you. Gerardo M.
  3. Hello I was just wondering if there is a way for me to set spot colors on my swatches panel?
  4. Hello my name is Gerardo M. I'm a graphic designer out of north california and while playing with the app I notice that haven't being able to find a panel for the glyphs of a font to show so I was wondering if such a thing exist. Also another question I have is how to convert a color into a SPOT COLOR? Thank you all. Gerardo M.
  5. Also, where can I find a glyphs panel for me to play with some extra features of a font family?

  6. Question, is there a way for me to change colors to spot colors?

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