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  1. Here's my +1 for June, 2018.
  2. A lot of apps have a custom way of dealing with colors, just like Affinity Designer. But most of those app also support the native OS X color picker, c.f. by giving a simple shortcut in the menu like "Show Colors" to open it. The color picker is an app that's been around for years. Many of us have vast collections of palettes for our projects in this app. With apps like Hues and Colors Pro plus the huge amount of plugins which is available for it, it's still happen to be one of the best ways to manage colors and get in them in our designs. In short: In my eyes this is a mandatory addition.
  3. I'm one of those users who happen to find the "About" dialog useful. I always embrace it when there's an easy way to reach the developers via a link to their website, a link to contact them via email (and a link the forum). What I'm seeing in the about dialog is what I already see when AD starts up. So, I prefer the right one in the screen shot which gives users some options.

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