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  1. Impressive work. The time lapse video shows that you are very skilled in photoretouching.
  2. dscmax

    AP • Final Retouches on Glassware

    Photographing glass it's not an easy task. Congrats for the use of lights.
  3. dscmax

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, I'm Massimo from Italy, I'm a software engineer working in automation sector. I'm starting to reinvent myself as a web developer. I always loved graphics and all the world of digital imaging. I purchased some weeks ago AD to create a logo for a friend, it took me 2 half days only to have a simple and nice logo ready (and liked by my friend)! For photo editing I purchased Pixelmator some months ago when I switched to Mac (thank you Apple for your fantastic Macbook and OS X, why I used for so many years Windows I don't know) but I think I will buy Affinity Photo too. Congratulations for your very fine software creations and for giving everyone the opportunity to use very very good sw at an affordable price. Thank you.