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  1. Is there a quick way to reset the color selector to black and white? Why no default button? Thanks.
  2. I am trying to better understand the Stroke Pane (i.e., cap, join, align). I tried Help and Tutorials but could not find any info. Any suggestions would be appreciate. Thanks.
  3. AP Mac 1.5.2 If I select a portion of an image and select Layer/Duplicate then a new layer is created with the selected portion of the image. However, if I select a portion of an image then right click on the layer and select Duplicate then a new layer is created of the entire (selected and unselected) image.
  4. There is a tiny vertical line beneath the center of a slider. Clicking on it resets the slider. Is that the only way to reset a single slider? Thanks.
  5. Thanks. One more question. How is Exposure different than Brightness?
  6. Affinity Photo Staff question - from a timeline perspective, is this Workbook scheduled for 1.5 or 1.6? Thanks.
  7. Is there an ETA for the Affinity Photo Workbook?
  8. pjglad

    Help Feature Request

    I'm confused - What's disturbing about a question mark. If you do not click it then nothing happens.
  9. Capture One has a great HELP feature. Embedded in each Capture One Tool Pane is a ? (question mark). Clicking on the ? takes you to that specific tool within the help system - no opening help, no searching, etc. Please consider adding this capability to Affinity Photo (Tools, Adjustments, Effects, Filters, etc). Thanks for listening.
  10. I recently purchased AP for windows. How does the update process work? I checked the Help Menu and there is no Check for Updates action. Thanks.
  11. How can I determine if a color is out of gamut for a specific printer? Thanks.
  12. I use the Place function often in my workflow. Please consider adding this function to the Tools Panel perhaps as an option. Thanks.
  13. I click on the picker then click on the photo but nothing happens. In other words, a point is not selected in the Curves panel. Why is that?
  14. Today, I ordered the Affinity Designer Workbook. In order to purchase the book you must create an account and provide credit card information. Without my permission, Serif has saved my credit card information and there is no way to delete it. This is unacceptable. Please advise. Thank you.
  15. pjglad

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    BUYER BEWARE - You have to create an account in order to order this book. Serif saves your credit card information without your permission and there is no way to delete it. This is unacceptable.
  16. In Develop Persona, I can create a gradient and then apply adjustments (e.g., contrast, brightness, etc). How can I do that in Photo Persona?
  17. I selected the Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer. I selected the mask then created the gradient, but when I adjust the Brightness it affects the entire image. Obviously, I am doing something wrong.
  18. How do you select an adjustment layers mask? Thanks.
  19. I select a portion of an image then create a layer mask and save it as an AP file. I then place it into a different image and resize. There is a faint line (border) which surrounds the resized placed image. Why is that?
  20. Please consider developing tutorials for the Mesh and Perspective tools. Thanks.