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  1. found it, under show toolbar
  2. yo guys my top bar is gone (the one where you can merge objects together and stuff like that. I tried view>studio>reset but doesnt work. anyone know how I might be able to fix this?
  3. thx MattP I did some small reseach and found that on the digital color meter you can view the colors in sRGB or "native" so im not quite sure what the difference is. edit: cant add tables in here, just view the link instead. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ds-hbqiaMFowV7sFYXUK84_GNKBcvGoA4DQ-K0M6rlc/edit?usp=sharing is there a way to align these values in some sense?
  4. from affinity to photoshop also ruines the colours
  5. hi guys, Im a UI/Ux designer, a really hate making illustrations in sketch so I do that in affinity designer. the problem is when I import my vector into sketch, the colours go all weird. (see attachment) I found out the both sketch AND affinty use sRGB, so i dont know why. Affinity has some settings I can tweak but non seem to help, and sketch just uses sRGB. https://sketchapp.com/learn/documentation/15-other/4-color-management.html is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Cheers, guys.
  6. Hi guys, I wanted to start work today, but I cant open my file, it crashes instantly. not sure what to do. onboardingimg02.afdesign
  7. ok both are sRGB, but still seem to have different colours, I've also changed my screen profile to sRGB, not sure if that helps, but the colours are still inconsistant
  8. o its probably something with colour profiles :( https://sketchapp.com/learn/documentation/15-other/4-color-management.html
  9. I've create a little illustration, when copyy pasting it to sketch the colours go wierd. the correct colour should be "81BA2F" when checking with photoshop both ar not this colour. anyone know how to get consistant colouring?
  10. Hi Affinity Designer is an amazing tool. But still has some minor issues. At work I work with 2 screens. at home aswell, but as soon as I go from home to work or back, my tools are all wierd, takes me about 10 seconds to set all the tool windows back in the right position. now I just get sloppy and drag them all in different places. This is awkward and I cant imagine it being a hard fix. Adobe has window presets such as "essentials" and "2nd screen" I think they also save the position or something. so I never have problems with photoshop. I know its a small issue, but its just anoying to have to re-arrange everything everytime I startup Affinity designer. Cheers
  11. sure the size is also mentioned below the file. easiest would be to link the dropbox file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4r66iel6j1ossu4/naamkaarten04b-smaller%20than.afdesign?dl=0 cheers.
  12. Hi Guys, Im currently working on a name badges template for a company. The size in Affinity designer is 74mm x 24mm When I export to pdf and print it they are 70mm x 23. This is also when "fit" is turned off. Is there anything I need to change when exporting to pdf? could DPI have anything to do with it? srry Im a web guy and not a print guy :P Hope you can help.
  13. Hi Affinity team, Im really liking the customisability of the grid systems. The only thing that I feel is missing is the ability to offset the grid, hopefully I just havent found the feature yet. Sometimes its important that the grid aligns with the middle of the document instead of the top left. :D Hopefully you understand what I mean, if not, i'll try upload an image. Cheers,
  14. Currently having the same problem ussing affinity designer 1.4 and have artboards on continueus export. (that seems to be the problem for me at least)
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