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    Gatada got a reaction from laneallen in Color picker UI   
    Slightly frustrated?
    It kinda kills the flow completely whenever I illustrate using Affinity Designer. I need the color picker on a modifier key like OPT when combined with vector generating tools. I need to be able to pick a color and immediately create the next stroke using the newly picked color.
    OPT for outline color, Shift+OPT to set fill color. The keys must be pressed before starting a new vector, with the pen still in the air (or mouse button not pressed) - with the picker active, touching the canvas will pick a color, not create a shape.
    Pretty, pretty please!
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    Gatada got a reaction from Madame in Quickly Show/Hide Layers   
    Yeah, I would very much like this too.
    Or - a slower and less cool implementation, allow me to toggle visibility of all selected layers if I OPT+click the checkbox.
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    Gatada reacted to MattP in Affinity Designer Customer Beta RC1 (   
    Purpose: Improvements, Features, Fixes
    Status: Release Candidate
    Requirements: Purchased Affinity Designer
    Mac App Store: Not submitted
    Download: https://s3.amazonaws...stomer Beta.dmg
    We intend to update the currently available Mac App Store product in the near future and will produce the binary for this from the current beta. We feel that we have added a great many new features and bug fixes and would like to get these into the hands of the majority of our customers. We are aware that not every bug has been fixed but we have to commit to updating the App Store version as long as we are not introducing any regressions in functionality or usability. For now, our focus must be on making sure the features included in this release candidate build are as stable and robust as possible, so we will not be adding any new features until we have released this version. We would appreciate it greatly if you are able to spend some time looking at this release candidate version and thoroughly testing it, letting us know any issues that you are having with it so we can prioritise our time to tend to as much as possible.
    To use this beta, simply download the file from the link given above and double-click on the file to open the installer. Follow the instructions to install the beta version. The beta sits alongside the Mac App Store version and will not interfere with it.
    Documents made in this version will not be openable in older versions of Affinity Designer. This change was necessary in order to ensure a consistent baseline for our file format for the Affinity Photo Beta. When we update the Mac App Store version it will upgrade to this new archive version number too so will not be an issue in the future.   Improvements, Features, Fixes   - Improved Corner Tool UI, plus miscellaneous bug fixes
    - Improved Ctrl+Option drag-resizing in the brush tools
    - View Tool and Zoom Tool double-click behaviours added (zoom to fit and zoom to 100%, respectively)
    - Introduced top-level ‘Text’ menu item, which replaces the old ‘Format’ menu and removed vector-related operations from the menus in Pixel Persona
    - Added the ability to Save/Revert document defaults
    - Fix for ‘None’, ‘Black’ and ‘White’ fill not working on the swatches page in the fill flyout
    - PDF import now supports multitone bitmaps with an arbitrary number of channels
    - Floating studio panels now have a close button
    - Increased contrast of the view tab’s close button when multiple documents are open
    - Performance improvements for Path Text
    - Paragraph Leading is now available on the text context toolbar
    - Fix for moving objects after nudging them causing the wrong results
    - Starting to fix localised strings not fitting in some panels - still more to do…
    - Improved Freehand import
    - Fix for SVG export not correctly exporting simple lines
    - Fix for vector export
    - Fix for changing presets in Document Setup not correctly setting DPI and retina checkbox
    - Fix for some adjustments going wrong in CMYK
    - Miscellaneous other fixes and improvements
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    Gatada got a reaction from JYCREATIVE in Quickly click and drag to duplicate FX   
    I think you mean OPT+Drag?
    OPT+Drag is also consistent with how objects are duplicated on the canvas, and I hope one day in the sidebar.
    PS: What do you guys think you achieve by posting +100? There is a Like This button, I think using that is better for everyone; less thread clutter.
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    Gatada reacted to alsarraf in Quickly Show/Hide Layers   
    Click (and hold) a checkbox for a layer, then move the cursor arrow down/up to hide/show multiple layers.
    This feature is available in Photoshop, and it is Awesome!
    option+click the checkbox of a layer to hide all layers except the that layer.
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    Gatada reacted to alsarraf in Quick way to duplicate a layer   
    hold down the "option" key, then drag a layer, in the layers panel, to duplicate that layer.
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    Gatada got a reaction from andy-in-mke in Trash-drag FX   
    Please allow:
    1) Dragging the FX of a layer to the Trash to remove all effects.
    2) Dragging FX to another layer to move the effects to the other layer.
    3) Opt+Dragging FX to another layer to copy effects to the other layer.
    Great work on the apps, group hug!
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    Gatada reacted to andy-in-mke in A new kind of bezier point... The Branch Point   
    I've never seen this in any vector draw program... selecting a branch point with Affinity Designer's node tool would provide the user with the option to produce a path that branches out of the existing path while remaining a part of it (i.e. if you select the main path the branch is automatically selected also)... the branch point spawns a fork in the existing path such that the forked segment of the path automatically inherits all attributes of the path from which it sprouts... color, thickness, dash style, etc... I think something like this could be genuinely beneficial in a variety of use cases and would be a key differentiator for AD...
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    Gatada reacted to Mattyd in Better Colour picker tool/ eyedropper tool   
    I think the colour picker tool is a bit of a hastle when dragging out then selecting, would be much better to have a colour picker like illustrator where you could just tap a shortcut and copy the colour with ease, 
    normal click for colour
    alt + click to copy style
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    Gatada reacted to Hokusai in Better Colour picker tool/ eyedropper tool   
    I too wish that Affinity Designer had an eyedropper that behaved more like Illustrator's eyedropper. An eyedropper like Illustrator's is a huge time saver.