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  1. I had forgot about raising the same issue a few years ago. Send me the source and I'll fix it myself :-)
  2. Hi, just noticed that Affinity Designer (latest version) is using the CPU even when sitting idle. More precisely, it seems to constantly alternate between a few seconds of about 3% CPU utilisation (as measured with top(1)), and a few seconds of not doing anything. (That's too much for a "modern" application when sitting idle for hours, pure event-based programming that doesn't waste cycles has been around since the 80s and should be standard on OS X.) Would be great if it could be fixed, Thank you!
  3. Hi all, just got a color picker tool called ColorTagGen from the Mac App Store and have this weird effect that even when both it and AD use the same sRGB color space then the same HSB values generate quite different RGB values, much more than could be accounted for by rounding errors or similar. Now I'm no expert on color spaces, but given the same color space and the same input I would expect the same output - is this a bug in one of these applications or am I missing something important? Thanks!
  4. Here's hoping that the combination of Affinity Photo and Apple Photos will be more than a replacement for Aperture! Can't wait to get my hands on Affinity Photo :-)
  5. So you've already got this "issue" on the radar and it will go away at some point? Great! Thanks!
  6. Ok, I replicated it now - there is a different behaviour for the two different text tools, the frames create empty ones for each click, the art text tool doesn't...
  7. Despite some missing features, despite some bugs, despite not having much experience with this kind of software: I really like Affinity Designer, it's a software that you can immediately get comfortable and productive with, and you totally deserve to be in the spotlight! And the fact that you appear to be listening to your users regarding bugs and features basically ensures your long-term success, at least I very much hope so! Keep up the good work :-)
  8. Hi, Designer seems to use some CPU when "idle", i.e. when sitting there doing nothing, and the amount of CPU increases with the number of documents/tabs open - my expectation of cleanly written software is that it does not use CPU when there is no interaction (and no background processing). Thanks!
  9. This bug still seems to be present; just now I'm working with multiple tabs, and whenever I switch to a tab, the persona is "Export" although it was previously "Draw", and this is happening consistently...
  10. How did you manage to accidentally create empty text blocks? I'm asking because when I select the text tool and then click and drag around randomly on empty parts of the canvas, nothing gets created in the first place...
  11. Hi, sorry for more newbie questions, but I'm stuck trying to manipulate multiple layers. I've created a bunch of circles and am playing around with them to get used to things. 1) Changing line color: When I select a single circle, I can change the color of the line/stroke near the upper left corner of the Affinity window, in the bar below the main tool bar. When I select multiple circles, that bar shows other things and I can't find any place to change the line/stroke color of all objects simultaneously! Which is different from the fill color, which, with a single circle selected, can also be changed near the upper left corner, and, with either one or multiple circles selected, can be changed under "Colour" near the upper right of the window. However under "Line" near the upper right of the window, with either one or multiple circles selected, I can change some properties of the line/stroke, but NOT the colour - or did I miss something??? 2) Changing object sizes: Under "Transform" near the lower right of the window I can change the size and position of an object by entering the appropriate numbers. When I select multiple objects/layers, in this case circles, the size given is the size of a hypothetical compound object, and when I change it the whole selection scales like a compound object which creates two problems: - It makes it difficult to change the objects' size to a given value because I have to calculate the object size in relationship to the compound size first; - the positions of the objects changes although I only want to change the sizes. I would expect this behaviour with a group of objects, not with individual ones... ...or am I missing something again? Thanks!
  12. No problem, thanks for your help! I would hope that this is a non-controversial and simple-to-implement addition that doesn't break anything - seeing that currently nothing happens when right-clicking there.
  13. Erm, my point was that I can't invoke the layer's context menu from it's entry in the list of all Layers - clicking the right mouse button does nothing, whereas it does open the context menu when directly right-clicking on a layer/object in the canvas...
  14. Thanks, I just tried it with a "subtraction" as Boolean operation in the compound, and that makes the difference clearer - they both behave similar when the operation is "addition". Another difference is that I can't change e.g. the color of the parts of a compound object, whereas this is (of course :-) ) possible for the members of a group.
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