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  1. Mike Naylor

    Export preview

    Promises, promises! Just as with the endless promises for a DAM.
  2. The prospect for an Affinity DAM become less hopeful every year.
  3. Mike Naylor

    Export uncompressed TIFF files

    I first encountered this problem when I tried to migrate to an earlier version of Capture One (I don't know if Phase One have fixed this now). At that time I had to convert thousands of TIFs from LZW to Uncompressed just to test out Capture One. Another problem with LZW is that it isn't fully supported for 16bit files. I.E., LZW should only be used on 8bit files. Lastly, LZW doesn't really offer any advantage, as uncompressed files are often smaller (unbelievable, but true).
  4. Mike Naylor

    Export uncompressed TIFF files

    Not having the option to export uncompressed TIFs is the main reason preventing me from using Photo and Designer since buying these when launched. This is not rocket science, so please implement this a.s.a.p..
  5. But you can't save or export as uncompressed TIFF, but only as LZW compressed - which often produces larger files and can be incompatible with other software if 16bit.
  6. No they don't. TIFF can only be saved with LZW compression.
  7. Mike Naylor

    Tiff Compression

    I'm amazed this problem still exists after all this time. Wake up Affinity.
  8. How long have been saying that, MEB?
  9. Mike Naylor

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Very nice, so how about some proof you’ve been developing a Digital Asset Manger for the past several years? Or will we be expected to use Adobe Bridge? I sincerely hope not.
  10. 1) you already subscribe to an Internet Service Provider, your electricity, water, gas, and possible other rental services too. So never say never. 2) long before your 10 year plan ends, you will have replaced your computer and it will have a completely new and completely incompatible operating system. So I wish you the best of luck.
  11. Well yes, it is my personal opinion, but I'm here hoping Affinity will eventually come up with a viable alternative to CC. Many others are here because they haven't found a way of pirating CC. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if a handful have pirated the Affinity products. Adobe is, and always has been, an arrogant giant, but so is Microsoft and Apple. In fact, one could also accuse Affinity of the same arrogance when it comes to disclosing any kind of advance information for their promised DAM - a product that was originally promised for 2016. Affinity is just like all the other alternatives, in that it's focused on RAW processing and vector graphics with no way to manage the assets. . Adobe suffers for the same reason, although they do have Bridge and Lightroom - both lacking in sophistication. Its unfortunate that the vast majority of photographers and designers haven't a clue how useful an asset management system can be. Adobe and Affinity know this, so profit before innovation, right? I'm here watching and waiting, but meanwhile happy to pay Adobe's monthly subscription for something I need to work today.
  12. I really don't understand why so many people seem to dislike Adobe and refuse to accept the CC subscription model. Personally, I think its incredible value for money and far cheaper than buying and junking other far less capable applications. Yes, a viable alternative would be nice, but it hasn't happened yet.
  13. I agree with Asser82 entirely. The Adobe Photographer's CC subscription is the better deal. However, I've kept my AP and AD apps and live in hope that one day....
  14. I absolutely agree with you, but Affinity will not release any advance information. I've spent the past few months evaluating every alternative available for macOS. They all have problems of one kind or another, so I continue to use Lightroom CC. If Adobe improves the DAM side before Affinity releases theirs, I'll stay with LR, because the effort to migrate is daunting and extremely time consuming. In other words, an Affinity DAM will need to be significantly better than everything thats gone before. A very tall order indeed.
  15. Well lets hope they can. I wonder if Lightroom will get this too? PS. I've given up searching for a DAM system better than LR - including Media Pro, Photo Supreme and lots of others. I'm now back with LR and hoping for a better future.