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  1. Thanks for your reply Mike! Do you know any sites where you can download/buy hi-res textures like the one used in the poster? I don't mind paying for it. I tried googling it but most free textures are completely different than the one I'm looking for or not useable because they are low-res. Thanks
  2. Howdy folks. I'm an absolute beginner so please forgive if I ask any stupid questions ;-) I want to design a poster for my band and I would like to add some texture to the design. A little bit like this (I'm just tallking about the texture, forget about all the rest ;-) ) : I really love that vintage vibe that's going on in this poster. I tried adding a texture photo as a layer and then blend it with my drawing but when I enlarge it the drawing looks great but the texture ofc looks very bad because it is pixel based. How can I get this effects in Designer? All help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking for good Designer beginner courses. They don't have to be free (but, ofc, I don't mind if they are ;-) ) I have no experience at all with Designer nor do I have any experience with other vector based programs. I'm a photographer and I've been using PS/LR for ages. I'd like to take my first steps in de vector world and I've bought Designer because it is way more affordable than "the other one" :-) And someone recommended it to me. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance! Norre