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  1. I am also interesting to replace Lightroom with something coming from Affinity. Try to get the best from (the late) Aperture and from Lightroom. Please, make it scriptable (applescript like Aperture, or lua like Lightroom, or something else): I need it very much. A catalog of pictures without "scriptable" accesses to pictures (mainly for exporting with presets and getting picture infos) would not be very useful (to me). Thierry
  2. Thanks for this answer. I don't know about "symbol of image": is there a tutorial somewhere? May be that's indeed the solution… BTW: thanks a lot for the videos, they are very helpful to "understand" Affinity Photo. Thierry
  3. Hello, is there a way to rotate a slice in Export Persona? I see the rotation angle in grey: no way to change it… A feature in the future may be? It would help a lot for my project about stereo photos: sometimes I have to rotate the left and right pictures (extracted from the same image file) differently. Thanks in advance Thierry
  4. Hello, I use Affinity Photo to clean up stereo pictures (taken between 1900 and 1930). These pictures contain the left and the right views, but altered by age: white and blacks spots, scratches, missing parts, etc… See attached file. In order to restaure a good "3D view" I really need to remove these defaults. It would we very helpful to be able to compare side by side the same area from the left and from the right view in order to do a better job. Do you have any trick that I could use to do that? Any ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance Thierry
  5. I am quite new to Affinity Designer… I have created a banner for a web site which will also be used as a banner for a printed letter. So I have created it at a larger size than the one I will use on the web (to get quality for printing). Now I would like to create an export setting with my target web size (900px wide). I can't find any place to define this size for the slice I have created in Export Persona. Any advice are welcome. Thanks Thierry