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  1. My one hope for the Publisher application is that the drawing and text tools will function consistently between the new application and the existing ones. It's so frustrating that in the Adobe products, the drawing/text tools function differently between applications.
  2. My firm does lots of maps, urban design diagrams, and landscape design plans. We rely on arrowheads extensively to indicate movement and direction. The lack of arrowhead is the only thing that is keeping us from switching to Affinity Designer. The rest of the program is wonderful, but arrows are a must. Hopefully, some day Affinity can match or surpass what Illustrator already does in this regard. Cheers!
  3. This is just a minor recommendation for the Mirror button on the shape context menu. I drew an equilateral triangle and wanted to mirror it along the horizontal axis, but when I selected the Mirror button, nothing seemingly happened. I then realized that the default mirroring option was along the vertical axis. Is there any way to add a drop down menu that allows one to select the axis for the mirroring operation? Thanks for creating such a wonderful application!
  4. In Designer, is there a way to link a text frame to a surrounding shape (i.e. callout rounded rectangle, callout ellipse, rectangle, etc.) so that when the amount of text shrinks or increases the surrounding shape changes as well? I can do this in Illustrator, but I don't see a way to do it in Designer. BTW thank you for creating such wonderful applications!
  5. It seems that both Designer and Photo have modifier keys for some of the commands and functions. I wouldn't have known about these if I hadn't seen them demonstrated in the video tutorials. For example, I didn't realize that you could do non-destructive boolean operations by just pressing the Alt key while selection the desired operation. Is there a reference document or resource that we can access that will show all of the modifier keys and how they modify certain operations and functions?
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. I checked the Save History with Document feature and it is not currently on. I'll adapt for now and try to use smaller images. I experienced the same thing several years ago when I was using Freehand. If images overlapped each other with transparency, the file size became huge. When links become available, they will probably help reduce this problem. Cheers!
  7. I recently developed a cover for a proposal using Affinity Designer for the first time. After exporting the file in both PDF and JPG formats, I thought everything was fine. But when I saw the size of the .afdesign source file, I was very surprised. The sum total size of the placed images is 42.7M, but the AD source file is 173M--a little over a 400% increase in size!. I looked through the forum and tried several of the recommendations I found, but none of them worked. Besides the file size, I realized that AD does not "link" to the files (like Illustrator) but instead actually inserts the images into the AD file. Do you have any recommendations for reducing the file sizes, and do you think you will add a "link" function in the futures? Thank you!
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