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  1. No problem :) I Hope I could help to improve Designer to be even better.
  2. Hi, I noticed some kind of bug probably. The thing is when I use Affinity Designer in full screen mode and separated mode, when I want to save or export graphics, save dialog is below toolbar. Toolbar is above and "blocking" save / export dialog, in order to change filename or change options. I need to move toolbar - it's a little bit annoying each time. I recorded that in the video, to show what's happening. https://youtu.be/cKcNki_P5PE
  3. Of course :) I uploaded the image, little bit downscaled but it behaves the same, as original. I found also, that this might be due to document color space, composition is in CMYK but placed image is in RGB color space. It would be nice to see some warning/info with color space mismatch. :) Next I also tried to place CMYK image (tiff with transparency exported from Photoshop CS6) colors were OK but transparency is looking bad. Composition only worked fine when it was in RGB, same as the image.
  4. Hello, I've just bought AD, and tried to do something in it :) and I think I found a bug, or maybe I'm doing something wrong. Problem is with placing transparent images. Whenever I place transparent image onto canvas colors of the graphic are washed out. I tried transparent PNG, TIFF exported from Photoshop CS6 and Affinity Designer itself (in AD can't export transparent TIFF, transparency is black ?? - this is another question) Washed colors: When I open the graphic in Affinity Designer and Copy/Paste it into the document color are OK. Opened PSD in AD: Copied and pasted into other document is OK: Need some help :)
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