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  1. And, unless I am mistaken, there are no sales allowed on the app store. Apple won't allow it. I have often discovered great software through sales, bundles, etc. Where is the choice in the app store model? It is important to state that while the subscription model and the "we will control the vertical, we will control the horizontal" argument (outer limits throwback) sound good and probably are convenient to many users, this model really does benefit the developer more than it does the consumer. And, I can't completely argue with that. It must be a challenge to develop Mac software and then have to distribute it, keep up with customers, updates, etc. And all the while you know that if you stop innovating (haven't issued an update or an upgrade for years) then your customers are eventually going to leave you. I am saddened and still amazed when a great developer like Bombich who makes Carbon Copy Cloner decides to start charging for his years of hard work and then, some people actually complain that it isn't free or low cost anymore. What nonsense. But to a degree, such are the expectations of some in the Mac community. This is why subscription based distribution makes developers and their financial backers very happy. With a subscription model, now you can show a projected income stream. My concern with this is that it flies in the face of basic capitalist ideas where you expect someone to continue to make improvements and you continue to vote for their efforts with your cash. The subscription model can allow some developers to not be as keen to get things out the door as fast as they once did. Now that you have a captive audience, why hurry? I always support (good) developers. I very much appreciate how hard it is to develop software and to distribute it. I can't knock someone who finds using the app store easier than not using it. It's just that, I won't be one of them. Hurling my hammer ...
  2. Not wishing to start any great bru-ha-ha here. I am glad that it has worked well for you. The Apple store does work well for some. But, it is definitely not the best solution for others. Not debating, just stating that's how it is for me. I am so very glad that this great app is now available to non app store users on the Mac. Hip hip, hooray!
  3. 100% agreed. Apples first commercial message ironically had an athlete run into a corporate group of lemming like IBM executive looking corporate "suites". They were all sitting at attention listening to a screen drone on, telling them all what to do. The athelete runs into the room and with a large hammer, hurls it shot put style across the room and smashes the screen everyone was being commanded by. The message from Apple was, "Hey, wow, Think Different. Use an Apple. Be your own creative person. Up the corporation! Power to the (thinking for yourself) people (who think different)! ... etc." Except that now, unfortunately accelerated with the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple has decided that it is time for their voice to be the one on the screen that every one should listen to. I for one tossed my metaphorical hammer of refusing to take part in app store purchases at the app store long ago. I prefer to interact with the development teams that make and sell the products that I use.
  4. Affinity Mac licenses are there for anyone because I just got one. Hooray!!!
  5. And finally, this policy has been relaxed. I just joined yesterday by purchasing a license through the Affinity website. Hooray! I also purchased the Affinity Photo book that is currently on sale. Now I am looking forward to getting up to speed.
  6. I have watched Affinity since it first came out. So far, I have resisted purchasing a license. But, I did subscribe to this forum and I have enjoyed watching may Affinity tutorials. I am just having a hard time getting past the idea that I have to purchase this nice app, on the app store. I really dislike the app store as I strongly dislike Apples intrusive nature in the name of "my convenience". 
Point A: Serif has a web portal so that Windows customers can purchase directly from Serif's site. Why not allow this with the mac versions as well? The system is already in place ... why not use it? Serif would probably have to create a sister version of both apps as Apple probably has rules about that sort of thing. There goes Apple’s control again. 
Point B: There are many, many others who feel as I do. I think that Serif is missing the boat and would increase their sales quite a bit by making a direct purchase option on Serif’s site available. If someone enjoys purchasing from the App store then I say, that’s great. I am not making commentary here against using the App store by others. I am not trying to force my personal disdain about using the App store on others. 
Point C: I am trying out Luminar right now. I still like the design of Affinity Photo and I can already see that Affinity has more of what I want - barrel distortion correction for one thing. This means that eventually I will probably hold my nose, get an iTunes card at my local supermarket, and purchase Affinity Photo through the App store. Of course, I will have to take several showers after that. ;-) But at least I will finally share a seat at the table with other users of this fine app and fine company I am sure. This is a feature suggestion thread, right? Respectfully, me.
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    Hi folks, I just discovered this app today, Apparently, this is only sold on the app store so I am not sure I will be able to come fully to the table. That is too bad as this seems to be a brilliant piece of software, or "kit" as the developers probably say. I loved Pixelmater and I was greatly saddened that after v1 they went 100% app store. I can still use v1 but have not upgraded after that. I use Acorn which is OK, just. I declined upgrading to their latest as It is just OK, "meh". But Acorn will allow purchase and upgrades independent of the app store so they are still alive in my book. I have used Quark, Illustrator, Freehand and a few other apps in the past. I have done some web development and though currently I am dormant in that area I recently updated my license for Rapidweaver. Much of the art I make is for web deployment or illustration of my models I am writing about. For me It always comes down to left brain and right brain thinking. Software can be brilliant but those who write tutorials often don't know how to describe It. From my perspective dumbing down software for the average user should not have to mean actually removing features. The best software is designed so that if you really do have a poor memory, when you next approach a project It won't take all your time to relearn It. This is an introduction, and that was important to say because, I strongly dislike modern Adobe subscription schemes or being forced to do business through the app store before I am allowed to do business on my own. Color me, strongly independent. Not throwing mud at the app store per se, although I dislike how upgrades are handled, discounts and sales are discouraged, and a few other things. I am currently back in school so student discounts are always appreciated, something usually not allowed in the app store. I am highly creative and poorly organized. I have talent in writing, music, speaking, photography, and graphic design. I have been working through some internal "issues" related to a head injury and some other things I won't get into here. I very much appreciated seeing the layout of the tools and the design of this software offering. I have to say, It looks like a great and user friendly design. If anything will get me over my dislike of the app store It is this app. I will optimistically hold out hope that the development team may at some point also make this available to non app store people like myself. Added: I now have a profile blurb about my take on photography.