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  1. thanks guys! as it turns out, I had the Blend Mode set to Overlay. When set to Normal everything works as needed 😀 good to go! Thanks
  2. thanks Walt, just added additional screenshot of entire app "protect alpha" is unchecked...problem persisting... .......I think I just discovered the issue. Blend mode was set to Overlay. I set it back to Normal and that seems to have solved the problem Looks like I'm good to go! Will post again if I run into any other issues... Thanks!
  3. hey guys, I have a layer mask attached to a pixel layer. I'd like to add/subtract mask with paint brush tool but it doesnt seem to be working. When I select black or white for paint brush, there's no preview when hovering brush and no effect made to mask OS: Mac Catalina Affinity Photo: 1.10.6 Any ideas?
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