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  1. I think I just found it. I should be good to go. Thank you @walt.farrell @Alfred @Old Bruce
  2. Thanks @walt.farrell. In V-1 I would often copy and paste photos directly onto a layer. I can't find any documentation to have the assistant set to automatically rasterize. Can you guide me?
  3. @Old Bruce I'm trying to erase anything, but I cannot. That is my goal. And as I am writing this, the rasterize process worked for the photo. I never had to rasterize a photo in V1, and yet the eraser would automatically erase photo and shapes alike. @Alfred I see that you replied years ago about auto rasterize. Do either of you know how to auto rasterize photos and shapes?
  4. Thanks @Old Bruce. I am unable to change the color to black or white after selecting eraser, or any color for that matter.
  5. I can't change the colors for a brush. When I try, the color selection goes back to whatever is currently selected.
  6. ** THIS HAS BEEN RESOLVED ** see below for details. I need help. I used Affinity Photo for a couple years. Refreshed my mac OS and lost Photo version 1, so using free trial of version 2. Neither the eraser nor the paint brushes work, despite changing between eraser and paint brush. I've selected and tried many brushes. None work. I'm desperate. photo 2.1.0 macOS 13.4
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