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  1. In case you need for testing, I think I found a way to consistently reproduce the issue: 1. Import the second page of one of the attached pdfs 2. save the project in a .afdesign file 3. open the .afdesign 4. Export to PDF fails The same steps in Affinity Designer 2.0.3 works with no issues. Astucci_standard_ad76e7a1f96c56a58a95191eb4c80e02.pdf Astucci_standard_5821a4ac539c9ebe055642bee983b292.pdf
  2. Hi @Hangman, thank you for checking. Almost all my designs saved with the 2.0.3 version, when opened with the 2.1 cannot be exported in pdf. Can't imagine that all of them are suddenly all corrupted. I tried several of them, when faced the export issue for the first time, trying to understand how can I solve. The file I attached was just an example, I can send so many other with the same export problem. I have many designs created with the 2.0.3 which I can open and export with the 2.0.3 but I cannot export with the 2.1, so I don't think they are corrupted.
  3. Luckily I had the previous Affinity Designer version on my Time Machine disk. I recovered the older version and the export to pdf is working again, this is to confirm that the bug has been introduced in the latest update.
  4. Same issue here. After upgrading to 2.1.0 it stopped to export pdf with that same error message. I tried to save on different folders (outside iCloud), such as Dropbox or Downloads, to no avail. Please help because I have some urgent work and I cannot save them! Is there any way to downgrade to a previous version which doesn't have this bug? (attached one of the document I want to export) Astucci_standard.afdesign
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