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  1. Hi, I've been lurking in the forums for quite a while now on scripting-related topics, hoping to see it added to the Affinity Suite. I run a comic localization company, and we use InDesign and Photoshop extensively in our business. Since people were mentioning usecases, I will give an example of the two main ones it would be great to have so we could switch our large team over to the affinity products: 1. I have built up a complex system (web GUI, server etc) to control (the very expensive) InDesign Server. We received thousands of chapters from Japanese publishers in InDesign containers (it's the dominant format in this industry). Since our team operates in Photoshop, not InDesign, I have a system that ingests these files, and converts them to PSD files. I also have an alternative pipeline that exports the contents of an entire InDesign project to a PDF file. Both of these are essential to our workflow. I know that due to the difficulties of implementing .indd support in Affinity Publisher, the full workflow will probably never be truly replaced, but Publisher can at least open .idml which we can mandate the usage of to some extent. An essential part of this is mimicking the "Bridge" functionality. I can use the (admittedly ugly) "BridgeTalk" functionality of InDesign Server to interact with both InDesign and Photoshop at the same time, so having the functionality to script between different Affinity apps would be nice, although not required. Throughout this entire workflow, something that has been really nice about Photoshop's scripting is that I can do literally anything I can with Photoshop actions in the scripting language. The process is a little painful, but if the docs suck for a specific operation, I can record an action in Photoshop, then use publicly available tools to convert the action file into a bunch of scripting commands, which has helped when doing things people don't normally do. Overall, the Photoshop portion involves importing the exported PDF layers from InDesign into a document as layers (with a specified DPI), then turning the entire thing into a smart object, and resizing the document and occasionally changing its format to grayscale. Something that I miss with the resizing step is the ability to specify the resizing algorithm, so if we could have the same control Affinity Photo currently gives you in the GUI (Lanczos etc) that would be great 2. We have written tools based on publicly available scripts (such as https://swirt.github.io/typertools/) which improve productivity for our freelancers greatly. I can't emphasize enough how much work this tool saves people when lettering comics. It's probably the single most important reason they can't switch to Affinity Photo, because all of #1 still technically would work since Affinity Photo can read PSDs (even with smart objects!). We need the ability to build complex GUIs that are built-in to the program (or at least as a pop-up window that does not prevent focus on the document). I don't like saying this, but I think Adobe's choice of going with a "webview" was the correct idea, because there's no GUI toolkit as extensible, hackable, and for which you can find devs that's better than chromium. I think exposing your own widget toolkit would be better for puritans and for the experience, but I'm not sure how you're going to possibly implement every possible widget someone needs, meaning they'll be constrained and therefore irritated when they don't have e.g. a special color picker, custom vertical fader, or whatever else their GUI requires. As a side-note, we are currently working on developing another script/GUI in photoshop to allow for direct uploads/downloads of the documents to our project management system. Some kind of `fetch`-like API access would be nice. I know the difficulties and dangers involved with letting a script communicate with the outside world, but I don't think you're going to be able to compete with Adobe without an equivalent to their "Socket" API. I hope this helps you a bit, and I eagerly await scripting abilities.
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