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  1. I'd welcome some help on this.. I'm a new-ish, amateur user of Affinity Publisher (who has already benefited from help on this forum!), who's moved a big WORD based document plus 400 images into Affinity Publisher 2. I did an auto-flow to get all the text into Af Publisher. So, I now have a 300 page long text document. I assumed I'd be able to chop it into Chapter-sized-bits once imported, but now I cannot work out how. I want to cut the big text into sections at the end of each Chapter, so the next Chapter will start as a new text flow, til the end of that Chapter, and so on. There are about 30 chapters of 10pp each. I've worked out from the help pages how to unlink text frames, but that's no help, because the text just overflows from the previous text frame. How do I cut the text itself? I can't see anything in the help pages that is relevant. Advice greatly received! I have a second difficulty relating to the images..I am inserting a lot of picture frames and images in amongst the text frames. Sometimes it's easy to modify it (clicking on the move tool), but other times this doesn't work..it's as if the photo has positioned itself behind the text frame. I can't work out how to get round this except by pulling the text frame away, moving my image, and then putting the text frame back where it was. Is there a neater way? Finally..is there a register anywhere of people who are ready to spend an hour or two advising a newbie like me how to make his document look better than it currently does? I'm happy to pay, but don't know where to start looking. I'm in Devon, England, and occasionally in London. Thanks, Mark Pyman
  2. Walt, Many Thanks. I'm not sure what that means but I'll hope to work it out in the coming days. Mark
  3. Walt, here's what I do.. Thanks if you can explain. Mark Trying to Update I go to "Text' along the top line and scroll down to Text Styles. Then I click on 'Update Paragraph Style' Which shows me no style panes that I recognise... But... Or, I go to 'Create Paragraph Style' from Text styles... Which then gives me this, with the style panes I can edit
  4. Walt, David, Thank you both. Immensely. And I would never have worked it out without the double screenshot. It took me seven attempts to get the lines as I think they should be, but I'm almost there. Yea! One small 'problem' that I cannot resolve.. I find that clicking on 'Update paragraph style' doesn't do anything at all. So each time I have had to 'Create paragraph style. Which is sort of OK but no good if I want to update all quotes to which the update is being applied. Any thoughts? Thank you.
  5. Hello, I'm a new Affinity Publisher v2 user, creating a biography after importing from Word. Word has a nice feature called 'Intense quote' whereby the Quote character style gets a red line above and below it. Here's an example from within Word:I carefully removed all these 'intense quotes' from Word before importing into Affinity Publisher, as it didn't seem to convert properly. Now I'm trying to duplicate this in Affinity Publisher v2. I've created a new Character style OK, called 'Intense quote', but cannot work out how to add straight red lines above it and below it to the standard style. Help please! Mark Pyman
  6. Thank you Walt. But, please, you have to be joking about Publisher not producing epub files, surely. It's a 'publishing' product??!! I confess I didn't even bother to check this when looking which product to buy. And thank you very much David from Ruislip, I'll try this way forward.
  7. Hello, I am an absolute beginner user of Affinity Publisher. I've bought Affinity Publisher v2 because I am self publishing a document, both print and online. I want the print version to look better, using Publisher, and the online version needs to be an ePub format. It's currently a big document in WORD: 310 pages of text, including about 500 photos and images. I know I can get it into Publisher by stripping out the photos, importing the text and then replacing all the photos: I've experimented with doing this and it's OK. But sooo slow. I'm so hoping that there is a quicker way than that. All advice, suitably dumbed down, will be greatly appreciated. Mark
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