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  1. Hi MEB Thanks for that advice - the first three boxes were ticked and nothing else selected clear and then when it opened the tone mapping has worked after HDR merge. Happy man again. Thanks for your help
  2. HI I used AP last night to create HDR merged document and all was OK. Today I updated to 1.6.6 and tried to create another document using the same three source images as before. This time when merge process has finished I just get one image with no Tone Map view on the left of the workspace. I have ensured that Tone Mapping is checked when I load the source documents - what am I missing here?
  3. I have just tried again after rebooting the mac and then resetting AP and the files will now open, though they take a lot longer than RAWs from mt Panasonic or Canon, but at least I can get to them. Thanks for the suggestion
  4. Hi Thanks for the reply, sadly it didn't work for me - guess I'll wait for an update to AP which adds the X-T20. Thanks again
  5. Hi Just started using Fuji Xt20 and find the RAF files can't be opened in AP. Tried a few suggestions from the forums like using the Apple engine etc but each time AP just hangs and then crashes. I know the Xt20 isn't listed so was wondering if there is any timeline for the type of camera to be added?
  6. Hi I have bought Affinity 1.3.5 from the App Store but can't get it to be used in photos as an extension. Downloaded the new beta version Leigh mentioned and it shows up as a possible extension - Do I have to use the Beta or can I get my original App purchase to work?
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