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  1. Thanks for taking the time MEB, all of your comments are very encouraging!
  2. I think...that there are no shorcuts, you need to adjust the converted fonts manually. Is more precise since every font has its own character and thanks heavens, we are smarter than the software, so I feel more comfortable adjusting those small details laying down some guides in the desired angle and then shaping the paths until they all fit.
  3. Thank you! I really appreciate our feedback. I'm planning to release this tutorial books in volumes, all of them independent of each other, this means you can perfectly start to put to work your knowledge from volume 1, that is characters. Some other topics I'm developing simultaneously are: • Creature Design • Advanced Coloring • Introduction to environment design (so your characters can live in their own worlds) • Dynamic poses and expressions At the same time I'm working alongside with a web developer to launch a website with free content: tutorials, vector packs, brushes, etc. There will be premium content too, but you don't have to buy anything to start learning. If you have questions or suggestions, I'll be checking this post daily. My main concern is to fulfill your needs on this matter as closer as I can. To Peter: Thank you!, I appreciate this kind of feedback, is very important for me. Enrique.
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