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  1. biciclown

    Affinity Photo 1.5 has launched!

    I do not think is fair launch the new version without update for the old customers the Previous version. First take care of the people who bought the App time ago and then give it access to new customers. So, where is the option to update from the old version to 1.5? thanks
  2. Hi Is there any option to make some changes in 1 picture and then select the rest of them I had taken in a Time lapse project, and apply all the changes we have done to that picture (light, exposure, white balance, filter...)? thanks,
  3. Thanks I did Inpainting tool. Where is the Blemish removal tool? thanks
  4. Hi I do not know how to clean some dirty spots on my images because my lens was dirty. Please, any quick help? I am in a hurry today.Thanks
  5. biciclown

    Replacement sky

    Thanks, but no, I just unselect first all layers, then I click on the one to be refine. But did not work
  6. biciclown

    Replacement sky

    Yes, first I deselect any layer. Then right click on that mask and this is what I can do.
  7. Hi Trying to follow the instruccions from Tutorial video. Very good. But min 4:11, Refine mask, I cannot do it. I select only my mask, and when I do Right click there is not that option . I can cut, copy, paste and many others options but not refine. I have mac book pro from 2011 thanks.
  8. Thank you, once more you are right. It is getting hard to learn about Affinity, too many small details. Like drag must be exactly in the correct place or unmark must be done. Many details. Thanks again.
  9. Sorrry, tell me there is a bug, or I am getting crazy. I just follow the video https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/photo/how to do it. Open a pic, duplicate layer and start the process BUT When it comes to click drag the rectangule into the pixel layer nothing happens. No borders, no mask. So far, no so good. thanks
  10. Hi I will like to include my logo in pictures. My logo is an image and I just want to drag it on my pictures in a specific area, different depends on the picture. I cannot find a tutorial about it thanks
  11. biciclown

    WATERMARK tutorial and batch option

    Hi Reading the forum looks like July 2015 it could be this option: batch watermark. Does it exist? Any tutorial about specific way to make a watermark in a pohot? thanks
  12. I just did it, but doesn´t work. Once I am on top of the Spare channel, right click does not work.
  13. Hi I am trying to learn how to use Affinity following tutorials on vimeo On this one I cannot rename the channelsthanks