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  1. I'm currently taking a deep dive into typography and type design and I thought this would be an awesome idea for an Affinity Designer persona, but it may also work for Affinity Publisher.
  2. I've read some talk around these forums about the current affinity apps being ported over to the iPad pro, don't know if this is the reason why publisher has been delayed but if it is I feel like it is not the best idea. If I were in charge I'd do research into how many AD & AP users have iPad pros in order to gauge if that is the best direction. I bet sales for APub would be better than AD & AP iPad pro apps combined...
  3. I was devastated when I read that... I need a program like publisher soooooo badly right now... I DON'T want to even think about using InDesign.
  4. It would be awesome if we could: - Make polar, circular grids. - Create grids that can be imported and resized for reuse in projects such as a golden rectangle grid. - Allow grids and guides to be set in their own layers so that multiple grids and guides can be stacked on top of one another so that modular grids can be created. - Change the color of grids and guide lines. - Set where grid gutters should fall, left, right, or both sides of columns, above, below or both sides of rows. - Create grids out of shapes, rectangle shape can be created and turned into a grid (with the same functionality as global grids) allowing us to be truly creative with the grids we create. - Typographic grids would be awesome as well, baseline for setting type on.
  5. Hi QA! I am using 1.4. I did what you recommended, it fixed the splash screen and pop up window errors. When I choose a document to open however it does not open the document and I have to press command+o again in order to open a document.
  6. When I first startup AD, I get the splash screen but no welcome splash screen (the one with other artist's work) even though I have it enabled in the preferences. Also when I press command+o in order to open a document the pop up window opens up behind the application so I need to use Mac Mission Control in order to bring forth the pop up window, but when I select a document to open up, nothing happens and I need to press command+o again in order for it to work.
  7. My reason for sharing feedback is because of the quibbles (I hope I posted it in the right section), what I love about AD is how straight forward I've found it so far, the current artboard implementation makes me scratch my head a bit, which in turn reminds me of my time with Illustrator which I hate.
  8. Thank you so so so much for implementing this feature I am positive I am not the only one that feels this thankful. Please take what I'm about to say in the most positive way possible. I want this app to be the best it can be. I offer feedback because I believe it can be better.. :) and if it can be better than why not.... First off, I feel like an artboard isn't really a "Tool" so I find it odd that it has been implemented as one. When using the "Insert Artboard" button in the context menu you are given the option to create an artboard with the same dimensions as the "document" which is really just an artboard as well, just the initial one. Should naming be changed so "document" means the entire affinity designer file, and "artboard" means each board that allows for placement of layers and elements? I was thinking that the task flow can be: when nothing is selected (same as when the "Document Setup" button appears in the context menu), a button labeled "Artboards" appears as well and where clicking on this button brings up a menu similar to the "Document Setup" menu that allows users to enter the number of artboards we want to create, their sizes, and how we want to place them (using a grid of rows and columns) I've attached a file (New Artboard Implementation.png) to better demonstrate what I mean in this last part. I also feel that in the layers panel something should be done UI wise to denote that an artboard is different and higher level than a layer, maybe the triangle pointer icon enclosed in a circle should be exclusive to artboards and the previous triangle icon be used for layers like in the last version of AD? So sorry if I've offended anyone on the team with this, but the way it's currently implemented makes me scratch my head and reminds me of when I was trying to learn Illustrator and I cannot have AD be in any way like Illustrator in that sense. I want AD to be great so that is why I'm throwing in my 2 cents. Thanks for reading!
  9. Your work is amazing! I wish I can do work like you... Please please please let us know when you release your tutorials.. are they gonna be in AD?
  10. I would LOVE to see a persona for Affinity Designer that would serve for sketching. A persona that would allow me to get rid of sketchbook pro by Autodesk. Think about it, sketching can then take you to the draw persona where you can now make into vectors. A lot of designers, illustrators, bring in sketches into their vector app and begin to draw on top of the sketch... a persona can take care of this allowing for all to happen inside affinity designer!
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