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  1. First thing I tested was if colour management seemed to be working. A quick test I always do is dragging the window from my calibrated sRGB (-ish) display to my wide gamut (Adobe-ish) display. The colours looked over-saturated, and I didn't see any attempt at loading the now current display profile. I don't know if any attempt is made to actually use the sRGB display's profile (where the application started), but from the test result my guess is that it's not? Cheers
  2. Trying out the Photo application. First thing that's striking is the 2000's style "Open File" to get something to work on! I think most potential customers, like myself, would be coming from Lightroom, and expect a slick and seamless browser <-> develop-module back and forth experience. (No need to go completely overboard like Lightroom with imports, and large databases, however, which actually get in the way when working on newly acquired images.) For example. things like quick comparison of images are facilitated by having the browser right there, at all times. Perhaps I missed something, and there is indeed an integrated browsing module, or such? Regards Patrik
  3. Thanks for the tip! I tested these pencils, and I do indeed get a tilt effect on some of them. I don't get any cursor indication of tilt, and the tilt effect seems to only work in one axis, but that's perhaps just how the pencils have been programmed. Seems like a nice set of pencils though!
  4. ok, thanks for the info! Perhaps I'm doing it wrong.. What tool makes it easiest to see the effect of tilt? (I.e what did you do to verify that it works?) Thanks!
  5. Hi Fenton! Typically modern cameras implement lens distortion correction in software, which accounts for your good JPEG results. The same correction is implemented in the manufacturer's RAW-converter, and in most 3rd party converters. The uncorrected RAW is the actual image as seen by the sensor. (I don't know about the Develop Persona, so I don't know if it's supposed to be able to correct for this at this stage.) Regards
  6. Hi! I can't seem to get Affinity Designer to do anything with the Wacom Intuos3 tilt information. The Wacom driver, under OS X El Capitan, reports tilt values, and tilt works in the OS X port of Krita, for example. I guess my first question is if it's supposed to work? Then, if anyone here has tilt working with a Intuos 3 I would be interested to know! Thanks for any help! Pat
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