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  1. Strangely, the first time I open a project I can do that, but if I try to crop again, I can only move the crop.
  2. I need a crop to selection as I want to crop to specific pixels. So, a crop tool that snaps to pixels would also work, or zoom into a pixel; selecting; zoom out; zoom to other corner; select that (so you have two selections); menu - crop. Used this method in Photoshop since 1993, and never needed it to be non-destructive. Also, please speed up the drag-zoom function like in Photoshop as it sometimes take several drags to zoom in enough, as apposed to one. Thanks
  3. Hi... MEB? What's your name? Is there anyway to filter out the posts on Affinity Photo? I just have Designer, and when I search for topics/problems, I have to click on each post to find out if it's for AP or AD. I'm grateful to the people that include the AP or AD in the post title. Ideally, there would be separate forums for AP and AD. Thanks
  4. I suspect it would be would intuitive to you as you're not thinking it's a document of an application, rather a document that can be produced by many applications. Being intuitive is subjective. Let's say 'consistent'. This is an interesting one because Photoshop is one of the few, like an Illustrator EPS, that does allow you to save as another format. However, most don't. Apps produce docs in their format. If you want it in another format you have to export it as something to which it isn't. However, opening a jpeg and Save As a jpeg would be intuitive to me too. And yet, opening a .doc into Apple Pages then saving as a .doc wouldn't be intuitive because I'm used to how Apps work. In the image world we've had it easy with all these compatible formats.
  5. Thanks for the welcome. My first post, but I've used this forum for over a year - always finding the information through other posts. Thanks for letting me know it's on the to-do list. It'll save a lot of time. I have to do lots of different coloured versions.
  6. What's the quickest way to replace a colour in multiple objects? e.g. I want to change all instances of colour A to colour B. For instance, in Freehand you could do a Find and Replace, or drag a colour onto the swatch colour. The 'Edit Fill...' option doesn't seem to change the linked colours. Thanks.
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